If earth was to be personified as human, then Growing pollution, reducing water levels, abrupt rains, rising disasters are numerous, diseases all signalling towards the critical condition of the living planet. And when the state is critical the patient needs immediate intensive care.  It’s time the human race stands together to work intensively to save the patient named Earth.

DJJS Jalandhar encouraging individual action to Save Earth

With aim of encouraging individual action to Save Earth, DJJS Jalandhar undertook an environment awareness workshop under the banner of DJJS Nature conservation Program, Sanrakshan on 22 Apr 2015 at Sanjay Karate School, Jalanadhar, Punjab. To support the cause of conservation and understand the nitty gritty of the issue special guests namely,  Shri Tilak Raj Arora, BJP Mandal Pradhan, Urban Estate,  Sh. O.P. Sharma ji, Gulburg Society and Sh. Sandhu Ji, Advocate also participated in the workshop.

DJJS Jalandhar encouraging individual action to Save Earth

During the 2 hour session, Sadhvi Omprabha Bharti, preacher DJJS, sensitized the participants on status of the current environmental crisis and on the linkages which connect human action to the deterioration of the earth. Highlighting the fact that ignorant human action has paved way for the piteous state of the earth, therefore it’s important that human action is revisited and we as a race adopt the mantra of 3 essential R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, to save earth.

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