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The Kamdhenu Gaushala and Research Center, established by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), is honored by the Indian Government as the Best Gaushala of India, North Zone, on June 1, 2017. On the occasion of “World Milk Day”, Union Agriculture Minister, Shri Radha Mohan Singh gave away ‘National Gopal Ratna’ awards to the farmers and ‘Kamdhenu’ Awards to different institutes. The awards were presented at the prestigious Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Pusa Road, Delhi. This award has been started by the Government this year only. On behalf of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, the award was received by Swami Chinmayanand Ji and Swami Vishwanand Ji, the preacher disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj (founder of DJJS).

Kamdhenu Gaushala Adjudged as the Best in India by Indian Govt. on World Milk Day

Kamdhenu project, first of its kind, is an initiative of DJJS which aims at preservation, breed improvement and creating awareness regarding use of Indian breed of cows. The project has made its mark in the field of quality of scientific research and impeccable International quality standards. Over the years, the program has gained traction amongst scientist, agriculturist and students. The project is a “LIVE” demonstration of dedication, love and scientific acumen of the people preserving the rear breed. DJJS’s contribution to preserve almost extinct breed of Sahiwal cows has become exemplary now which can’t be ignored by anyone.

The convener of the Kamdhenu program, Swami Chinmayanand Ji said, “It is established that inbreeding also results in many problems. We maintain Pedigree chart of every bull and cow which is used in selective breeding. Artificial insemination, Embryo Transplant Technology and IVF are some of the modern techniques used to generate an offspring of high quality cows in a short span of time.” He also told that under this project, DJJS educates farmers about the contribution of Indian breed of cows to Dairy and Agriculture yield. Facets related to environment and economics of it is also explained to them in a lucid manner. After the training and inspiration from the institute, many farmers have started rearing of Indian cows and they are getting handsome returns on A2 milk also.

Kamdhenu Gaushala Adjudged as the Best in India by Indian Govt. on World Milk Day

While accepting the honour, Swami Chinmayanand Ji thanked the Govt. and said that these awards will further inspire people to work in the direction of rearing Indian breed. He appreciated the first step taken by Govt. in this direction. He also suggested Central and State Govt. to prohibit the sale of fake semen in the market since it is spoiling the breed of cows and any rehabilitation work done in this direction is futile then. He also urged Govt. to put a stop on selling of semen of foreign breed bulls. This will encourage the quality improvement of Indian breed of bulls. He explained the logic behind putting a ban on semen of Gir breed of bulls. This Gir breed was originally from India and through cross breeding in Brazil, the hybrid cows were produced which weren’t good in quality. As a result, Indian breed can suffer if Govt. doesn’t stop these hybrids coming to India.

He also pointed out the faulty weaning technique used in Gaushala where a calf is fed by bottle rather than mother directly which results in less production of milk per cow. After conducting research and experiments, he urged others to stop this practice so that per cow production of milk can be enhanced.

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