Sending out a strong message of pro- environmental living, DJJS Ashram based in Nurmahal, Punjab, under the banner of DJJS Nature Conservation Program- Sanrakshan celebrated eco- friendly Deepawali 2019.

DJJS Nurmahal celebrates Eco- friendly Deepawali 2019, lights up the premise with 1 Lakh Earthen Lamps

Festivals are an integral part of Indian living and Deepawali is by far one of the most elaborate and lavishly celebrated festival across the country. Over the years, the form of the festivity has transformed into a highly resource intensive affair involving vast amounts of plastic packaging, decorations high on electricity use and recreation based on bursting crackers. All these have been convenient additives for celebrating the festival for a longtime.

DJJS Nurmahal celebrates Eco- friendly Deepawali 2019, lights up the premise with 1 Lakh Earthen Lamps

However, in these times of serious environmental crisis, under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Head and Founder, DJJS, Sanrakshan has worked on reviving the deep spiritual message of victory of righteousness over evil and applying it to tradition of Deepawali celebration to wage a war against evil prevalent in terms of pollution, waste generation and overall indifference towards Nature.

Furthering the same idea, DJJS Nurmahal through its annual eco- friendly Deepawali initiative, lighted up the premise with 1 Lakh handmade earthen lamps thereby reducing  the electricity footprint of the celebration. In addition, giving an eco- friendly twist to the tradition of Rangoli- making, the premise was decorated with rangolis made of waste material as well as natural material.

Motivated with the idea of peaceful and nature- caring Deepawali, hundreds of people visited Nurmahal on the occasion of Deepawali. A special sensitizing socio- cultural session with dance performances and inspiring music was organised in the evening. Socio- cultural session was followed by the special Deepawali Pujan.  

The initiative has become a trend- setter in the area, motivating people  and organisations to head towards pollution- free prosperous and happy Deepawali.

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