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In this hi-tech world, we are either fully immersed in articulating machines (Smart phones, Computers, Tablets, PCs, etc.) or are caught up in our professional lives most of the times. In such a scenario, where we are constantly in touch with maya (materialism), it becomes vital for disciples to devote time in the company of saintly people.

DJJS Organized a Spiritual Event at Bangalore to Motivate Masses towards their Real GOAL

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) regularly organizes programs; thereby continuously guiding the disciples towards the divine path of bhakti. Recently, one such motivational spiritual program was conducted on 17th June, 2018 at Bangalore, Karnataka under the name and style “Hum Chale Teri Rah Par”. Large number of devotees assembled together to participate in the program.

DJJS Organized a Spiritual Event at Bangalore to Motivate Masses towards their Real GOAL

The learned preachers guided the disciples to be spiritually active and explained that the one thing necessary to get the grace of Guru is to be stripped of our vanities — the sense that we possess any spiritual wisdom and to surrender ourselves completely to the guidance of our Guru. The Guru only knows what will lead us towards perfection. This sort of humility will open the door of our heart for spiritual truths. Complete self-surrender is the only way to spiritual illumination. By complete surrender and trust, we will be able to comprehend the fact that while sitting in the ship of the Perfect Master, the jerks that we get are not meant to drown us. Rather, they are to protect us from getting drowned in the ocean of maya.

To make His disciples excel, Guru bestows all His support to His Disciple, whenever and wherever needed. He grooms His Disciples by involving them in multifarious projects and encourages them to cross through the life's troughs boldly. We, who are the microcosm of society and who have realised our True Self by the grace of our Perfect Master, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder – DJJS), need to come together to trigger a bigger change. These microcosms of society are only going to bring peace in the world– and lead to the making of a divine world!

The program motivated Disciples to fulfill their spiritual goals. The energy generated out of the divine vibrations was exceptional and never felt before. It left the devotees in awe and full with enthusiasm.

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