In the parched land, a drop of water is like nectar of God. In today’s era where anxiety, fear, cut throat competition and negativity is grappling the world, human life is looking for moments of relief. The moments where one can delve into NOTHING, think NOTHING and do NOTHING.

DJJS organized Meditation and Yoga Session for the Youth of Nottingham University, U.K.

DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) provided that opportunity to many such souls by organizing a meditation and Yoga session for the youth at Nottingham University, UK. The event took place on November 22 from 11:30 hours to 13:00 hours. The session was split in two phases – first including the theory aspects of Yoga and Meditation, followed by practical sessions.

DJJS organized Meditation and Yoga Session for the Youth of Nottingham University, U.K.

Many esteemed guests graced the occasion and in turn got benefitted by the same. Ms. Sareena Puri (National Treasurer & General Secretary of National Hindu Society Forum (UK)) , Ms. Shruti Ahuja and Ms. Shivani Kapoor (Sewa co-ordinator & Learning co-ordinator  of Nottingham Trent University) were some of the guests present on the occasion.

Though there are many meditation techniques prevalent in the society now, each one claims to be better than other. One often gets confused and doesn’t know which one to adopt. The preacher disciples of revered master, HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (convenor and founder of DJJS), explained the meditation at length. They explained that meditation is not to concentrate on any external object or just sitting and closing the eyes but it is connecting with ourselves which can be achieved only after initialization of the divine eye. It is when this divine eye is opened, can we meditate since now we know whom to meditate upon, our target. The disciples also explained the need and relevance of a True master in our lives along with its link to meditation technique as exhorted in the scriptures.

They also explained the relevance of being physically and mentally healthy along with spiritual upliftment. YOGA is undoubtedly the internationally accepted medium to achieve that. Both theory and practical sessions on the same leave the youth more calm and composed. At the end of the session there was total serenity and peace in the atmosphere, a perfect setting to create and achieve great heights.

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