In the hustle and bustle of today’s corporate life, no one has time to halt and think. The days, months and years go by in day to day chores, strategizing, maximizing revenues and earning money. This leads to anxiety, fear, stress and at times depression. Human life is looking for moments of relief. The moments where one can delve into NOTHING or to the bare minimum, be with the self.

DJJS Organized Stress Buster Session for Corporate World in United Kingdom

DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) provided that opportunity to many such souls by organizing a workshop named “De-stressing the corporate minds” for Deloitte Corporation at Reading, UK. The event took place on December 2, 2015 amidst the presence of prominent dignitaries from Deloitte.

 Mr. Jon Vine (Corporate Tax Director) and Mr. Simisola Olaneye (Senior Manager) from Deloitte graced the event. Brother Kabir from DJJS along with volunteers Mr. Pawan Sharma and Pankaj Walia participated in the same.

DJJS Organized Stress Buster Session for Corporate World in United Kingdom

Many hands on activities were conducted to explain the importance of meditation to burst the day to day stress. The session commenced with a short background relating to Stress. It was truly an interactive sessions where participants shared the day to day causes of stress. It was also stressed upon that stress is not always bad, it is good to have some amount of ‘positive stress’ to keep one motivated, inspired and zeal to achieve. The attendees were also given diagrammatic questions, mind maps and other visuals to solve since human mind can relate with visuals easily.

While discussing the topic, many methods of dealing with stress were discussed and almost everyone mentioned some element of meditation as the therapy where one can be with himself/herself whether that is in the form of music, yoga, meditation etc. Though there are many meditation techniques prevalent in the society now, each one claims to be better than other. One often gets confused and doesn’t know which one to adopt.

The preacher disciples of revered master, HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (convenor and founder of DJJS), explained the meditation at length. They explained that meditation is not to concentrate on any external object or just sitting and closing the eyes but it is connecting with ourselves which can be achieved only after initialization of the divine eye through a technique called “Brahm Gyan”. It is when this divine eye is opened, can we meditate since now we know whom to meditate upon, our target. By the end of the session there was total serenity and peace in the atmosphere, a perfect setting to create and achieve great heights.

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