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Guru bin gyan na upaje, Guru bin mil na moksh;
Guru bin lakhe na satyako, Guru bin mite na dosh.

DJJS re-defined “Guru-Greatness” at Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi

(Without the Guru no one obtains spiritual knowledge or achieves salvation.
Without the Guru no one can see Truth or have his doubts removed)

-          Kabir Das Ji

DJJS re-defined “Guru-Greatness” at Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi

The Guru Gita (verse 17) aptly describes the guru as “dispeller of darkness” (from gu, “darkness” and ru, “that which dispels”). A true, God-illumined guru is the one who, in his attainment of self-mastery, has realized his identity with the all-pervading Spirit. Such a one is uniquely qualified to lead the seeker on the inward journey towards perfection.

Recently, DJJS organized an event of Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi on 4th June, 2017. It is possible for the human being to reach the elevated status only by the company of scholars, the wise and men of character. Satsang is the gymnasium for spiritual exercises. Thousands of devotees, gathered at the venue to attend the Spiritual Congregation.

The learned Preachers enlightened the devotees about greatness of True Spiritual Mentor. He alone who is God-realized, and who has been commanded by God to redeem souls, is a guru. A leader who has no realization cannot show you the kingdom of God, no matter how large his following is. Blind belief in religious philosophy keeps people spiritually ignorant. The guru is the awakened Soul, awakening the dormant divinity in the disciple. Such a guru, ordained by God to help individuals in response to their deep prayers, is not an ordinary teacher; but is a human vehicle whose body, speech, mind, and spirituality God uses as a channel to attract and guide the inquisitive ones back to His home of immortality.

 God loves those who love Him. Then, He descends into the earth plane as a human Guru. Ordinary love is selfish, darkly rooted in desires and satisfactions. Divine love is without condition, without boundary, without change. The instability of the human heart is gone forever at the spellbinding touch of pure love. To follow one who is enlightened is the only way out of the great confusion that exists in the world. One can never find true happiness and freedom until one meets Guru. God is invisible, but He becomes visible through the intelligence and spiritual perception of the one who is in constant communion with Him. A guru is a living picture of scriptural truth and an agent of rescue appointed by God in response to a devotee’s continuous requests for release from bondage.

There are teachers who expect their followers to be always at their beck and call, ready to obey instantly; and if they do not, the teacher becomes angry. But a spiritual teacher who knows God and is truly a guru never thinks of himself as the teacher at all. He beholds God’s presence in everyone, and feels no bitterness if some students disregard his wishes.

The guru-disciple relationship is the highest expression of friendship, for it is based on unconditional divine love and wisdom. It is the supreme and most holy of all relationships. One who shares this relationship is on the way to wisdom and freedom. In the guru-disciple relationship a divine law is fulfilled. There may be many teachers in one’s life, but there is only one guru. One can never find complete satisfaction, comfort, and God-contact until one attunes oneself with unconditional loyalty and devotion to the divine consciousness of one’s Guru. The friendship that exists between guru and disciple is eternal. There is complete surrender; there is no compulsion, when a disciple accepts the guru’s training. The guru-disciple relationship is love in its supreme form. Supreme reason and judgment govern their relationship.

The Hindu scriptures say that those who tune in with the wisdom of a true guru make it possible for the guru to help them. It is only after the initiation by the Guru that the intense spiritual life of a person begins. The real way to freedom lies in Sadhna, in scientific self-analysis, and in following the one who has traversed the wise path of theology and owns the capacity of practical visualization of God.

This epoch is fortunate to have revered perfect spiritual master, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji who has not just mastered this rare science of Brahm Gyan (Self-Realization) but has also revealed it. And who has not just revealed it but made it reachable to masses which is again rare or may be first time in the history of mankind. The master is using this technique of self-awakening through divine knowledge as a unique tool to realize the vision of global peace. We are blessed to be walking on the path of bhakti under the guidance, love and blessings of revered Gurudev Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder – DJJS). Following his footsteps we will surely reach our goal of “Peace” both inside in the world outside.

The Spiritual Congregation once again proved to kindle the hearts of disciples with faith, determination, devotion and wisdom.

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