DJJS Sharad Purnima Ayurvedic Health camp extending traditional cure for respiratory diseases to thousands


As the clock hit zero hour, on 7th Oct 2014, thousands of people gathered at DJJS Sharad Purnima Ayurvedic Health Camps organized in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana to consume traditional Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of Asthma and all kinds of respiratory ailments such as chronic cough, cold and sinus.

Sharad Purnima holds a special significance in Ayurvedic treatment system. Vedic scientists of India- the Rishi-Munis as well as contemporary Ayurvedacharyas state that fullmoon of Sharad Purnima radiates light rays with important medicinal properties which are instrumental in curing respiratory diseases.

To make patients harness the healing effects of rays of full moon, Aarogya, the DJJS Holistic Health Program, annually organises special Sharad Purnima Ayurvedic Camps. The patients are instructed to follow specific diet mainly fruits and liquids before having medicine, for whole day. The Ayurvedic medicine is administered in special ‘Kheer’ which is cooked in earthen pots in the open under full moon light and is taken post mid night when the moon is overhead.

Besides this, the camp is specially designed to sensitize the patients on the overall benefits of the Ayurvedic medicines. It also extends basic health services like free consultancy and medical checkup, B.P. Test, Sugar Test and ECGs etc to the patients.

The Sharad Purnima Ayurvedic Camps held at Divya Dham Ashram, Nurmahal Ashram & Dabvali Malkon Ki Ashram and Kurukshetra Ashram of the sansthan fetched free consultation, medicine, counselling and care to around eight thousand six hundred beneficiaries approximately.

About Aarogya

Aarogya is a complete Health Program including Yoga, Herbal remedies and Ayurveda to prevent various diseases.

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