Lord Shiva has always been a subject of mystery for all. Be it his persona (destructor of the world) or the attire or the accessories he carries or by the kind of followers that he has. In his disciples, daemons are also there along with humans. To unearth these mysteries, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) conducted five days program of Shiv Katha, starting 1st August to 5th of August 2017 in Kalayat, Haryana.

Duality of Existence Uncoiled in Shiv Katha held at Kalayat, Haryana

Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji, preacher disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (founder and head of DJJS), spoke powerfully on all days to unravel the miraculous truth hidden in our scriptures. She elaborated on the various forms of Lord Shiva- Nataraj, Ardhanarishwar, mrityunjay etc. She explained through various illustrations the significance of each symbol in Lord Shiva’s bodily form. In one of the forms, Lord Shiva has half portion of the body that of a man and half portion of the body that of a woman. This form indicates that every existence in this earth has a complement- the male and female counterparts in all species, the north and South Pole of a magnet, the yin and the yang, the positive and negative charges of protons and electrons; the matter and the anti-matter- everything in this universe comes with a complement. There is duality in existence to keep the world going. Game plan of God is the one who raises above and beyond this duality can only reach the state of union with God. That is the ultimate goal of this life. All species are entangled in this world of duality and keep on revolving in it life after life. However, the one who attains the secret of divinity receives the knowledge of rising above duality.

Duality of Existence Uncoiled in Shiv Katha held at Kalayat, Haryana

The knowledge of self is to know the technique to traverse from duality to union with supreme- the technique of Brahm Gyan. Brahm Gyan can be attained through a perfect Master. The perfect master is the one who has gotten over all worldly vices and attained the state of liberation in this body itself. In this knowledge, one receives the direct perception of divinity, and the discretionary power to know what is right and what is wrong for an individual. The one with this discretion knows right is something which helps in rising above duality and wrong is the deed which entangles one more. Brahm Gyan refines a person from within.

Sadhvi Ji further gave examples of many ongoing social initiatives and programs under Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. With the able guidance of Satguru Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, young volunteers are participating in these initiatives and working hard towards the uplift of society. All classes of society and all age groups work together and volunteer selflessly for a greater cause. All these volunteers are initiated with Brahm Gyan and with regular practice of Gyan, they have realized the importance of sewa and hence stand out in the society today as responsible and energetic young people.

Shiv Katha program was highly appreciated by the guests. Uniqueness of this Shiv Katha lied in the fact that each fact was supported by a scientific base and explained logically. The audience discovered the bliss by hearing about manifestation of qualities of Lord Shiva within self. The audience truly carried with bliss with themselves.

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