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Revered Perfect Master His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has time and again reiterated in his sermons and direct guidance that if an unborn child has to go through the test of facing the heat of womb before birth, then how can the disciples on the divine path achieve the Supreme Goal without facing the tests and trials. The Abode of the Perfect Master is like the training center for the disciple where one has to surrender and burn in order to shine like Sun. The tests of patience, sincerity, positivity, devotion and faith are the stipulations for ordinary person to be called a true disciple. With the swords of Sadhana and Sewa, the disciple is required to remain conscious and take control of his/her mind, thoughts, actions and speech.

Efficacies of Surrender and Discipline on Divine Path Evoked During Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab

Thus, a Perfect Master obliterates all the deceitfulness from his disciples and brings about virtues that mankind and earth can benefit from. A Master works on every individual disciple to bring about such changes. Monthly Spiritual Congregations are medium to engage devotees in holistic learning and drench every soul with Satguru’s pious love and grace. One such congregation was organized at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab on 10th Feb 2019 to awaken devotees to Satguru’s talking-tos and commit everyone for the divine mission. The program commenced with the beautiful prayer at the lotus feet of Satguru followed by series of meaningful bhajans and discourses sharing the divine visions and experiences.

Efficacies of Surrender and Discipline on Divine Path Evoked During Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab

Preachers explained, since our destination is not the world but God, the journey of disciple is long and full of ups and downs, calling for surrender to every command of Master and stringent meditation of divine light. Our wandering mind doesn’t let us concentrate on the pious aim but a true devotee, does not relent to these tricks of mind and instead applies all his/her will power in overpowering those thoughts and stays focused. Preachers urged that we need to make ourselves so strong by the power of self or will power that no hurricane of external conditions or storm of internal thoughts can distract us from the path of meditation. A little leniency in will power will keep us from postponing our meditation from today to tomorrow to day after, so on and so forth.

In one of the example, from the times of Adi Guru Shankracharya where he instructs his disciples to protect his body while he abdicates his and enters body of one king in order to accomplish his mission to deliver supreme good to humankind. The disciples face strenuous situations of bearing patience, faith and also courage by putting their life at stake in front of armed soldiers to follow their Master’s commands. When Adi Guru returns to his body at the right time, disciples had successfully cleared the test imposed on them by their Guru. History bears testimony to the fact that tests are meant to measure the grit and determination of the disciple as to how far one can go to challenge and tackle it. As soon as one reaches the final frontier of the efforts, the road gets cleared of its own to enable one to proceed further. On the path of spirituality, not the intellect but the child unflinching faith towards Master can break shackles of Maya, as the Master is omnipotent and knows everything right for everyone. The program delivered the vibrant vibes for everyone to realise the grand mission and reflect back upon their progress. Blessed are those who are part of one the greatest saga unfolding in the History of Mankind, undertaken by Perfect Master His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

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