The United Nations declared Universal Children’s Day to encourage societies to support the wellbeing of children. November 20th is the anniversary of the signing of Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most widely-signed human rights legislation in the history of the world. It is a month long event wherein awareness on Child Right’s through EQ workshops is provided in various schools and colleges around the world.

Emotional Intelligence for a Happy Future – celebrating United Nations' Universal Children's Day

To support the United Nations’ goals for Universal Children’s Day, Manthan SVK, Social initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan , providing Holistic Education to the Underprivileged children, celebrated Universal Children’s Day with SixSeconds organization on 10 Dec 2016 in a diverse yet edifying fervor.

The EQ (Emotional Quotient)  workshop was taken up  by the Certified Life Coach, Ms. Lata Singh Dasila  from SixSeconds organization in order to enthuse awareness of the essential role that emotional intelligence plays in our children’s well-being, in our relationships with them; and in turn, in their capacity to make a positive difference in the world.

Emotional Intelligence for a Happy Future – celebrating United Nations' Universal Children's Day

In this fun-filled interactive workshop, children gained awareness on:

  • Rights of children, and how do we feel looking at those rights
  • When we’re in a disagreement in our day-to-day lives, how are our thoughts, feelings, and actions interfering with the rights we value and what can we do about that?
  • To identify rights of children and the resulting responsibilities we have.
  • To use the three steps- being aware, being intentional, being purposeful to fulfill the responsibilities we chose, now and in the future, to make a better world.
  • To use the process of EQ in the small moments of each day.

35 Manthanites along with some Manthan Alumni’s attended this 2 hours’ workshop where they got awareness on three basic rights of children: Right to Education, Right to Play and Right to safety.  Kids were involved in various activities to help children understand the concept in an interactive and collective approach of learning. In the end of the workshop, Children expressed their feelings by making emotions and writing feedbacks on coloured glue papers and pasting them on the “Tree of Life”.

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