Wolters Kluwer India Pvt. Ltd. associated with DJJS Education Program Manthan SVK, for conducting this year’s (2016-17) ‘Corporate Social Responsibility' initiative, by organising a Painting Competition on 29th of March among the kids at Manthan SVK, Gurugram, thereafter  recognizing and awarding the best painting. As a social contribution towards a social cause, Wolters Kluwer India Pvt. Ltd. also contributed 500 study desks for 8 Manthan SVK centres of Delhi-NCR, 5 Symphony room coolers for the Gurugram Centre and 8 Eureka Forbes 20L water purifiers for 8 Manthan SVK centers of Delhi-NCR.

Employee Engagement under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)- Wolters Kluwer with Manthan SVK, DJJS

The talented achievers of the Drawing Competition themed 'Go Green' bagged drawing kits and various prizes. The first prize winning team was awarded with Big Bazaar coupons worth Rs. 500 for each member, while the second prize winning team members got coupons worth Rs. 300 each and the third prize winning team members were given coupons worth Rs. 250 each. Healthy snacks and refreshments were also provided to the participants in the end.

Employee Engagement under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)- Wolters Kluwer with Manthan SVK, DJJS

Various renowned people from the corporate sector including Mr. Shirish Sahay, CEO, Wolter Kluwer India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Rajesh Kumar,, Director Marketing and Mr. Ajay Arora, Finance Head graced the event with their presence along with Mr. Daniel Joseph and Ms. Aastha Wadhwa from the HR and Ms. Savita from the Administration. Mr. Ankit from Maverik venture was also present.

The paintings made by our creative Manthanites were greatly appreciated by the guests. Mr. Daniel played the guitar and the children sang songs like 'itti si hasi’, 'saans hai jab talak’ and ‘nani teri morni’ to it, with utmost enthusiasm and energy. The interaction between the children and the guests was a great corporate exposure as well as a lasting experience for Manthanites and we hope for more such associations in future too.

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