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Under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, an exceptional summer camp for school students below 13 years of age was organized by DJJS at its Nurmahal (Punjab) branch from 9th June 2019 to 13th June 2019. The activity based camp included sessions on yoga, karate, and outdoor games. Furthermore, it had interactive lectures on human values, physical and spiritual health, and body language and communication skills with DJJS’s representatives as the primary speakers. The camp ended with musical and dance performance along with a special visit to Kamdhenu Gaushala for Manthan (DJJS’s Holistic Education Program) school students. 

Enlightening Summer Camp ‘Udaan’ for Kids at Nurmahal, Punjab

The summer camp was designed to inculcate in kids an understanding that true connection with the surrounding lies beyond the reach of gadgets. The activities in the camp conveyed to the children the authentic way to connect within and without. In other words, it showed them the method to be in sync with the inner soul and yet be completely present to the outer world.

DJJS’s speakers during the lecture on human values said that it is wisdom which leads to all the morally correct actions. But to have wisdom we must be constantly connected to the universal consciousness, i.e. God. For this to happen, we need a spiritual Master (Guru) who is like a teacher but guides us through the syllabus of life rather than any other subject. The Guru takes us to our inner core by opening our third eye. The process through which the Guru initiates a seeker into the divine knowledge is the ancient Indian sacred technique called Brahm Gyan.

Enlightening Summer Camp ‘Udaan’ for Kids at Nurmahal, Punjab

Once the inner eye is activated our life gains a higher meaning. We come to realize that our every action has universal resonance, and hence must be for the benefit of all. This spiritual awareness makes us astute which then ushers in a disciplined lifestyle, focused mind, and overall health improvement. Life, therefore, takes a real flight (Udaan) for the better.

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