At every spot of each city, throng of masses swarmed in during events held to commemorate ‘National Youth Day 2018, with an aim to highlight the possibility of Vivekananda like potentialities in every human being. The programs catered more than nine states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra covering various cities.

 'Find the Vivekananda in You' – a campaign run by Bodh, DJJS on National Youth Day 2018

It was not an easy task, to break the just developed, misconstrued and fashionable definition of youthfulness, framed by the youth of today. Therefore, taking every related aspect in concern, we laid down a theme “Find the Vivekananda in You” The underlying thought was to initiate a ‘thoughtfulness’ or ‘thought of contemplation’ or motivate the youth to revisit the potentialities and capabilities of youth.

 'Find the Vivekananda in You' – a campaign run by Bodh, DJJS on National Youth Day 2018

Bodh, taking this innovative and pioneering concept, further arranged events of multifarious nature like Street Plays, Mass Walks against the issue, Lectures in communities & slums, workshops at schools and colleges, workshops with teachers and school management, mass awareness sensitization at spiritual congregations, street quiz, exhibition displays, movie screenings, dedicated events at communities in association with local youth organizations.

Dignitaries and renowned personalities of the respective areas also took part and gave motivating speeches in order to jerk and shirk the youth. Among the beneficiaries, innumerable came forward and registered for rendering services in the upcoming programs of the organization. It was really a youth for youth event, since thousands of volunteers across various centers consecrated their services and energy in conceptualizing, delivering ideations, execution and in managing the programs under the leadership of the representatives of Bodh, the Drug Abuse Eradication Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan which is a socio spiritual organization, formed by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Bodh- the drug abuse eradication program of DJJS, works for the elimination of drug abuse and eradication of drug demand through ‘Dhyan Therapy’ , thereby transforming the drug afflicted society into an abuse free society ; where people are mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong to safeguard themselves and the society against drug addiction and substance abuse.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is a multi-faceted socio-spiritual organization, founded and headed by His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji to actualize the vision of ‘Global Peace, through Self- Awakening’. On social front, its primary focus remains on gender, health, education, environment, drug-abuse eradication, bovine conservation and empowerment of persons with disabilities and the prisoners.

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