Lord Shiv’s vehicle is his beloved Nandi the bull, while Maa Parvati’s is a tiger. Their sons Ganesha have a mouse, whereas Kartikey has peacock as their respective vehicles. One can notice the fact that all these animals are not of the same species. There is another element that cannot also be ignored that is in the mortal world, these animals pose a threat to one another. For example, the tiger can hurt or kill Nandi the bull, mouse and peacock. At the same time the bull can step on the peacock and the mouse. However, all of them are shown to be living in perfect harmony. This feature holds a unique metaphoric meaning for the devotees of Shiv’s pantheon. This meaning was brought to the lively audience of Budaun, U.P under a huge marquee with the grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, founder and head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), by Sadhvi Saumya Bharti Ji. The Katha was the result of relentless efforts of preacher and volunteer disciples of DJJS between 29th July, 2017 and 4th August, 2017.

Finding Peace amidst Diversity: The Shiv Katha at Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

Sadhvi Saumya Bharti Ji narrated how Maa Parvati came to have tiger as her vehicle. Sadhvi Ji said that once Maa Parvati performed a severe penance to become Gauri from Kali in a certain cave. There at the mouth of the cave, a tiger came to guard it from outside so that Maa Parvati could complete her penance without trouble. Once her penance attained completion, Maa Parvati came out of the cave. Finding the tiger guarding the cave she was immensely impressed and readily accepted the tiger as her vehicle. Upon her arrival at the Mount Kailash she requested Lord Shiv to make the tiger a Shiv-gana (attendant) too. Lord Shiv accepted the request and did the same. From then on, Maa Parvati came to have tiger as her vehicle. It is by Lord Shiv’s grace as well that both their sons attain their respective vehicles. Along with these animals as the member of his pantheon, Lord Shiv also has serpent Vasuki as his neck ornament. Together the presence of all these animals within a single premises of the Mount Kailash conveys to the devotee the fact that peace can also be attained in spite of diversity. This feature holds a metaphoric meaning for the devotee that it is possible to live in harmony with every being. However, said Sadhvi Ji, unless the harmony comes from within the being, it cannot exist in the world on its own.  

Sadhvi Ji then said that the only means to achieve such a harmony is through the attainment of Brahm Gyan, an ancient science of being serene inside out by the blessings of a truly enlightened spiritual teacher. Finding such a Master is difficult but not impossible for His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is one such enlightened seer capable of enlightening any seeker. Sadhvi Ji brought the Katha to a closer by extending the invitation to everyone to take Brahm Gyan from the revered Master His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and begin their spiritual journey to harmony and peace within.

Finding Peace amidst Diversity: The Shiv Katha at Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

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