Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) organized free eye-care camp  for the differently-abled people under its social welfare program for the visually and physically challenged, Antardrishti, in collaboration with Community Ophthalmology Department, Dr. R. P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, A.I.I.M.S  on 8th May 2014 at Antardrishti Factory, K-2 Udyog Nagar, Peeragarhi, New Delhi.

Free eye-care camp @ Antardrishti

The main objective of this eye camp was to provide a complete health checkup to the specially-abled people and to see if there was any hope with their vision improvement

The camp was supervised by Dr. Sumit of Community Ophthalmology Department, Dr. R. P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, A.I.I.M.S.. The medical team consisted of 7 members- 2 doctors, 2 coordinators, and 3 support staff.

Free eye-care camp @ Antardrishti

Each participant went through the following levels of checkup:

Level-1: Registration: The details of the participants were undertaken.

Level-2: Vision Test: To check the level of visibility of the participant.

Level-3: Blood Pressure and Diabetes Test: Blood Pressure was the mandatory test for all the patients; diabetes was tested only if prescribed by the senior doctor.

Level-4: Refraction: It involved providing spectacles to the partially blind patients based on their vision level.

Level-5: Complete checkup by senior doctors.

Some of the participants were prescribed medicines by the  Doctors  and some were given available  medicines on-the-spot .

After the completion of the medical checkup, the team of doctors also took a visit to the Antardrishti Factory. They were highly impressed by the whole setup and approach of Antardrishti as a whole and wished more companies to employ the differently-abled people of the society.

The program ended with the hope of more such eye-care camps at different locations.

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