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The talk on Stress Management by Sadhvi Om Prabha Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, was much appreciated by the young audience present in APG University, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. As Sadhvi Ji is a renowned orator on several topics pertaining to questions raised by youth, this was a much-awaited lecture conducted by the university on 5th of April, 2019. 

From being Stressed to being a Messenger of Peace and Bliss - Stress Management Lecture in APG University, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

With advent in technology, science has attained heights which were not known before. Technology has taken a gigantic leap and nothing seems to be unachievable in this digitized world. No sphere of this material world has remained untouched. Any object of comfort and pleasure is accessible and within one’s reach.  This should lead one to think that human race is happier today than ever before. However, the data related to happiness index of people defies this theory. Science has lost track of spirituality and human lives and values are in dilapidated state. People are more stressed than before and there is an increased need for stress management workshops even at college and school levels. 

From being Stressed to being a Messenger of Peace and Bliss - Stress Management Lecture in APG University, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Sadhvi Ji began with a clear and thoughtful solution that managing stress is less about devising a method and following the pattern and more about understanding the causes and eliminating them from their roots. Taking examples from our day to day lives, Sadhvi Ji explained that stress arises due to so many fears- fear of losing one’s love, fear of not being able to meet expectations, fear of not being able to achieve the desired goals, fear of failure, fear of struggle - to name a few.  So, fear is the root cause of stress.

If we can eliminate fear from our lives, we can actually remove stress from it. The divine knowledge, that an individual is not a separate entity, but an integral part of the Supreme, can completely eliminate all fears. This divine knowledge of the Supreme Power that created this entire cosmos, this universe, cannot be obtained through any external means. Sadhvi Ji emphasised that the Divine Knowledge can only be received form a Brahm Yogi, a perfect spiritual master through the process called Brahm Gyan. In the current times, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Master who bestows this Brahm Gyan to all true seekers.

Sadhvi ji further said that dedication on this path of spiritual knowledge and practice of this divine ‘Gyan’, begets strength and confidence to fight every day battles and be victorious. A knower of the Supreme has the realization that all that happens, happens for the best and by God’s will, which helps develop confidence and courage and hence all the fear eventually disappears. This truth becomes firm by regular Dhyan and by connecting to one’s soul. A person initiated into Brahm Gyan makes all efforts to propagate this true knowledge to all in the world.

At the time of initiation, one experiences the Divine within one self and realizes one’s soul. Soul realization is the first step to conquer all vices and move towards purity.

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