Cows, as 'Kamdhenu' is the fulfiller of all desires. "Matrah sarva bhutanam, gavah sarv sukh prada", meaning, the cow being mother of all living entities gives all pleasures to everyone. Other Sanskrit names for the cow are Go-mata (mother cow), Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling), and Aghnya (never to be killed). In Sanskrit the word 'Goshala' literally means ‘cow protection’, or ‘the place where cows are sheltered’.

Gau Katha Disseminating Knowledge About Mother Cow Amongst Masses of Muktsar, Punjab

Why should men kill cows for their selfish purposes? Why shouldn’t man be satisfied with grains, fruits and milk, which when combined together, can produce hundreds and thousands of palatable dishes? Today, various questions like these have led to increase in global awareness about cows. As a result, many steps are being taken in the form of cow protection programs, awareness campaigns, rallies etc.

Gau Katha Disseminating Knowledge About Mother Cow Amongst Masses of Muktsar, Punjab

DJJS under its initiative “Kamdhenu” recently organized five days ‘Gau Katha’ at Muktsar, Punjab from 23rd March to 27th March, 2016 by the grace of HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (founder of DJJS)

The Katha Orator Sadhvi Saumya Bharti Ji explained that cows are the receivers of the auspicious rays from all heavenly constellations. Thus she contains influences of all constellations. Wherever there is a cow, there is influence of all heavenly constellations; blessings of all gods. Cow is the only divine living being that has a Surya Ketu Nadi (vein connected to sun) passing through her backbone. Therefore, the cow's milk, butter and ghee have golden hue. This is because Surya ketu Nadi, on interaction with solar rays, produces gold salts in her blood. These salts are present in the cow's milk and cow's other bodily fluids which miraculously cures many diseases.

She further explained that cow’s milk is most compatible with human mother’s milk than any other species in existence. This is because the DNA of the cow was specifically constructed to be harmonious with mammalian human DNA. So it can be clearly understood that cow’s DNA was designed so that humans could benefit from cow’s products like milk, cheese, butter, cream and yoghurt.

It has been the endeavour of DJJS to protect and preserve all the living beings and make a world a better and peaceful place to stay in. The Gau Katha successfully served its supreme purpose in making the audience realize their duty towards Goddess cow, by explaining the importance and benefits this world can derive from them. The five-day event certainly accomplished its motive of raising awareness of such a vital part of human life. It has been rightly said in Shrimad Bhagavatam, “The cows, the brähmanas and the devotees of the Lord are all objects of His special attention because they are very important factors for the general welfare of living being”.

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