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A seven day Gau Katha was organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan for the masses of Pathardi (District Ahmed Nagar), Maharashtra from 13th to 19th April 2018. Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji as the Katha orator explained the enormous significance of treating Gau (Cow) with dignity. Sadhvi Ji did so through the narration of one of the myths from the Bhagwat Puran. Sadhvi Ji mentioned that once nature earth took the form of mother cow and decided not to yield to exploitative ways of treatment by humans. Lord Vishnu at that point requested mother cow to give humans another chance. Lord Vishnu, further, assured her that in his next incarnation he will protect her and set an example for a better treatment of her through his life. Hence, in his birth as Krishna, Lord Vishnu became gau-pala/ go-pala (protector of cows). With his penchant for butter, Lord Vishnu as Krishna set forth his symbolic liking for cows, but more importantly, he proved the worth of cows for the mankind, and thereby the need to protect them.

Sadhvi Ji, then, raised the issue that in contemporary times as well the need has emerged to provide a protective care for the cows. Sadhvi Ji stated the fact of cows being used now a day only for their capacity to milk and then either abandoned or butchered, is well known. In this hour, hence, it is important to understand the responsibility we owe toward cows. Sadhvi Ji asserted that cows are not a means to an end but rather a being themselves who are sensitive to their surroundings. However, asked Sadhvi Ji, how it is possible to be conscious enough to take care of a being, such as cows, who cannot verbally communicate when we humans are not even thoughtful about each other. Today, there is a growing need to first understand the calmness needed within, for only then we can extend a caring attitude to cows.
The remedy to the inner restlessness, pointed out Sadhvi Ji, can only be inner awakening through the ancient Indian technique called Brahm Gyan (divine knowledge). This technique helps an individual practically experience and realize the divine within. With this realization, the eternal source of inner wisdom unleashes within, the individual thereby becomes humble, creative, and caring. Being connected with the eternal wisdom, it becomes easy for the individual to be empathetic to cows as well. However, for that to happen one must first seek a Guru (enlightened spiritual teacher) because without the grace of a true Guru Brahm Gyan is not possible. Thus, Sadhvi Ji welcomed the present audience to begin their spiritual journey by taking Brahm Gyan from His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji as he is one of the enlightened teachers of the present era.

Empathy toward Cows Propounded through Gau Katha at Pathardi, Maharashtra

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