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Since the advent of the time, words have acted as tools to transmit or share the knowledge gained out of real life experiences, histories of civilizations and inventions by human beings. In spiritual parlance, words are used to share the journey of man from lower consciousness to higher consciousness. Here the experiences are that of the Divine world and therefore cannot be easily grasped by worldly knowledge. In order to comprehend such divine experiences of spiritual seekers or disciples, which we have in the form of Scriptures or autobiographies, one has to walk past the same path and initiate the same journey as described by them.

Ahmedabad National Book Fair 2018 Awakened Masses to Practical Spirituality and Devotion at Gujarat

Vedas, the oldest known compilation of spiritual experience in human history, has helped mankind in his quest for attaining supreme consciousness and going beyond the known limits- A journey from Finite to Infinite. Hence, books carrying message from Perfect Masters of yester years, help us in identifying the path of truth amidst multiple self-conceived notions about spirituality created and canvassed by beings not yet enlightened. In order to lend the world insight into the divine secrets of experiencing spirituality within, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) founded and headed by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, participated in the National Book Fair at University Ground, Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 24th to 30th November 2018. The literature provided by DJJS is simplified rendition of the concept of spirituality and true religion given by Vedas and scriptures as to how to practice spirituality in life to derive the maximum benefits out of it.

Ahmedabad National Book Fair 2018 Awakened Masses to Practical Spirituality and Devotion at Gujarat

Various books that drew attention of the visitors were ‘Search for Truth’, Samadhi, Akhand Gyan, Insightful Chats, Mind- the double edged sword, Gems of Spirituality, Mahayogi Ka Maharahasya, etc kindled the imagination of many. The fair provided a great opportunity to volunteers to individually attend visitors and acquaint them to the social work done by DJJS and its vision and mission. The lucid conversations about the Divine eye and Divine knowledge with visitors, made them further intrigued to know their real-self.

DJJS Representatives first handedly managed the stall and addressed the queries by inquisitives over the narration in scriptures or over the ideology of DJJS. They also narrated people about the various social projects as Antarkranti (Rehabilitation of Prisoners), Antardrishti (For Making the Blind Live independently), Sanrakshan (Saving the Environment), Manthan (For Holistic Education of Less-Privileged Children), Santulan (For Gender Equality), etc. The Event proved to be the flowing river of knowledge for real seekers and was highly appreciated by the audience who showed the inclination to dig deeper into right form of spirituality.

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