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These days an acronym is trending more than others, i.e., FOMO (Fear of missing out). It denotes social anxiety that is felt over the anticipation of an opportunity slipping away. The concern isn’t about one opportunity but rather every single one. This is known to make people obsessively think over their each action in an unsettling manner. The result is restlessness among the people even over seemingly petty things. To undo this scenario, many efforts are being made by the enlightened members of the society. For a similar purpose, a stimulating lecture on stress management was held at Apeejay Institute of Management Technical Campus, Jalandhar, Punjab on 8th February, 2019. H.H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’s disciple Sadhvi Omprabha Bharti Ji was the primary speaker at the lecture.

Healing Stress with Divine Knowledge: Lecture on Stress Management at Apeejay Institute of Management Technical Campus (Jalandhar), Punjab

Sadhvi Ji said that though human mind holds immense capabilities and can be useful in performing taxing tasks it does require period of calm to rejuvenate itself. The mind is a double edged sword which if not handled with care can harm the person in the most disastrous of ways. A human, then, must be able to successfully exercise the power of discernment to infer the importance of any task. This demands deep focus which stems from the inner pool of wisdom. However, when the chain reaction of thoughts is already in motion it requires a strong external force to bring the inner change. Here, the grace of a true spiritual Master (Guru) becomes that benign force.   

Healing Stress with Divine Knowledge: Lecture on Stress Management at Apeejay Institute of Management Technical Campus (Jalandhar), Punjab

 A Guru brings change in the individual by opening his/her inner eye. The technique through which this is performed is known in the ancient Indian sacred texts as Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge). The Guru doesn’t give any materialistic object to the person or suggests any rituals. Instead, the Guru opens the third eye and let the elixir of life flow from the head into the entire body. This has the effect of making the individual serene and wise. With wisdom on his/her side, a person leads a zestful yet harmonious life. The quest of human then doesn’t just remain restricted to making a physically comfortable life but a wholesome one. Eternal knowledge is thus essential for a healthy human mind. The connection to inner light has the capacity to make outer life luminous. Sadhvi Ji closed the session by extending the invitation to the present audience to start and advance spiritually. In this, she said, the door of DJJS will always remain open.

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