'Female Feticide' - the act of aborting a fetus just because it is a female, has become very blatant and rampant in society. Besides Punjab and Haryana, Uttarakhand has also encountered an alarming bell to act against female feticide forthwith, unveiled by sex ratio of 114.2 (boys per 100 girls in age group 0-1 yr) in Census 2011.

If I cannot speak that doesn’t mean you can kill me

DJJS has taken this countrywide situation on priority and is organizing plethora of sensitizing programs in the wounded areas under the banner of its gender equality program-"Santulan". One such event was conducted in Dehradun, Uttarakhand on August 1, 2014 between 11 am to 3 pm as a part of series of "awareness walks" across the country.

If I cannot speak that doesn’t mean you can kill me

The awareness-generating rally set out from Patel nagar and touched Paltan Bazaar, Clock Tower and Rajpur Road on its way. An approximate count of 300 women and 160 girls' volunteers from Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dun, Mussourie was noted. The event was organized with the consent of City Magistrate and therefore, had the support of locals and police.

The participants were holding stick banners and posters to highlight importance of girl child in maintaining equilibrium in society. Endeavoring to disinfect the roots, the program was aimed at sensitizing both male and female counterparts to the social menace of female feticide and its consequences.

Personalities like Smt Sushila Baluni-Former Chairperson of Women's Commission UK, Smt Neelam Sehgal -BJP Maha Nagar President, Dehradun, Anita Singh -Parshad Patel nagar, Ms. Tripa Jadav -Parshad Kanvali Road and MK Maan - MD Doon International School embellished the event with their presence. They appreciated and offered support to the organization's working on such critical issues prevailing in society.

Post the rally, the volunteers gathered, sang motivational songs and pledged to work for eradication of female feticide. A lecture breaking the prevalent myths against girl child was delivered. However, it was raining throughout, but the level of energy, enthusiasm and willpower was too challenging to stir.

Apart from the beneficiaries of the program, the message of sensitization reached masses via print and local electronic media.

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