For some things in life, ‘more is always better’. The only condition is to know what one asks for “more”. The more we focus on ourselves, the more distracted we will be from the proper path. The more we know HIM and commune with HIM, the more the Spirit will make us like HIM.”. To maintain the communion with the God and to thank every moment of the precious life and breaths given by HIM, a one day event was organized by DJJS, UK.

In London, DJJS UK emphasized a Drug Free and Peaceful Life

This one day event was organized by UK branch of DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) at Divya Bhawan, Hayes, London, UK on Jan. 3, 2016. Shri Bankim Gossai Ji (Dharmacharya and Trustee) from Maha Laxmi Vidya Bhawan (Forest Hill, London) along with DJJS preachers and volunteers were part of the event. Sadhvi Bhaktipriya Bharti Ji and Brother Kabir Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder and Convenor of DJJS) were DJJS preachers.

In London, DJJS UK emphasized a Drug Free and Peaceful Life

The event touched upon the specific topic of how the society celebrates every festival and gathering with huge amount of alcohol consumption. This problem is rampant in almost every country and society. Using the organization’s BODH initiative, a stark reality check of substance abuse was explained in the discourse. The solution of the problem was also discussed in detail and queries were answered.

Furthermore, the fact that individuals in the Indian subcontinent believe ‘Som Ras’ to be ‘being alcoholic’ was also nullified during the discussion. Attendees were apprised of the real meaning of ‘Som Ras’ which equates to herbal plant found in the mountainous regions of eastern India and not alcohol. It was further explained as to how the presence of a perfect master in an individual’s life is the true way to experience the authentic ‘Som Ras’.

The spiritual literature defines “Som Ras” to be that divine nectar which is produced within after the direction vision of God through ‘Brahm Gyan’ based meditation technique. It is this “Som Ras” which should be there in every breath and has the capability to free you from the bondages of birth and death.

In the later phase of the event, Dharmacharya Ji from Maha Laxmi Vidya Bhawan also graced the event with his melodious bhajans. What more can one ask for in lieu of few hours spent in the event than to get the message of peace and tranquility.

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