Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), a non-government, non-profit and a leading socio-spiritual organization, head and founded by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized an event of Independence Day celebrations on the auspicious day, 15th August 2017, after 70 years of True Freedom from the British rule.

Independence Day Celebration Keeping Patriotism in the air at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab

Without any doubt, the Independence Day is the great event for any nation and its people, a day when people realize how precious the freedom is to any being. No matter, how big and financially strong the country is, irrespective of its political and economic environment, people love their country. Apart from the celebrations, the event is to realize what could be our contribution to shape it what our sages, great leaders, freedom fighters visualized it to be.

In order to direct the nation towards the BHARAT of our sages, the preachers of DJJS, organized an event of Flag hoisting. In front of hundreds of disciples, DJJS Preachers, volunteers along with security personnel, all contributed their valuable time for the noble cause.

Independence Day Celebration Keeping Patriotism in the air at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab

Swami Girdharanand Ji hoisted the Indian National flag and gave a spirited and inspiring speech in order to spiritually direct the audience towards the sole purpose of life which is to experience God inside one’s soul. He wonderfully explained how important it is to be first spiritually free by achieving peace and tranquility in the inner world. Only then one can become a proud citizen of the nation and give direction to its people. The great work our sages have done to improvise and mold the nation towards true religion is what we are supposed to do now. Nation will achieve greatness if we work hard without intermission to build it. People need to be basically sound and industrious at all times and keep themselves in readiness to defend the eternal values of the Nation. 

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