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“If you want to achieve your goal, help others achieve their goals”. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan(DJJS), a socio-spiritual organisation, involved in the work of social welfare for decades under the aegis of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, through its various projects like Aarogya, Santulan, Kamdhenu and Manthan SVK etc. Among them, Manthan SVK- working towards reshaping the face of society by providing value based education- a complete holistic development to underprivileged children.  

Indian Revenue Service(IRS) visits Shakurpur Manthan SVK

To contribute and support the campaign, Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers visited the Manthan SVK centre Shakurpur on 3rd Oct’18. A total of 6 members of IRS team, Assistant Commissioners, marked their presence at the event - Mr. RK Tyagi, Ms. Indu Bhardwaj, Ms. Kanika Dua and Mr. Abhishek Bansal.

Indian Revenue Service(IRS) visits Shakurpur Manthan SVK

The guests visited the classrooms and were impressed by the enthusiasm of the students. The Manthanite Abhishek presented a song and Manthanite Nandini expressed her feelings and experience that how Manthan gave her a platform to pursue her studies. Teacher Volunteers briefed the guests about the working of the Manthan SVK and how it is reaching to slums and remote villages to impart education to these underprivileged children. The guests admired the initiative took by the Manthan SVK and appreciated the holistic approach of inculcating moral values and education to students. They elucidated students about the significance of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and also taught them about the personal hygiene.

The IRS officers distributed 300 kits to the students containing a toothbrush, lifebuoy soap, handkerchief and toothpaste. They also donated 10 water purifiers to for Manthan SVK centres. The students showed their gratitude by giving a token of thanks to the guests and at last they wished students with their blessings.

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