Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan commemorated International Women’s Day once again. With the mandate of raising awareness about violence against women and establishment of the cause of woman empowerment,  DJJS branches observed variety of socio cultural as well as spiritual events on the day.

International Womens Day 2013

International Women's Day honors every women on earth, a working lady who struggles at workplace without compromising with her duties at home front, a housewife who contends with all the problems with a smile on her face, a girl who makes every possible effort to make her parents proud and also, a female fetus who is waiting to come out and become a part of the women community.

International Womens Day 2013

The world has marked a special day for you;
Its time to realize self-worth.
You have already carved a niche in society.
The supreme, the almighty has done his part by making you a strong soul.

 Its your turn to make him proud of his creation.
Don't let the drive rest, keep going!
Stay empowered!

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