To work out the restorative and reformative ideology so as to cure the ill psyche of the inmates, the Sansthan, under the distinguished leadership and guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized an exclusive lecture in Model Jail Burail, Chandigarh related to the theme “Karmas” under the project “Antarkranti”- An Inner Revolution. Hundreds of jail inmates became the part of the event.

Lecture@ Chandigarh-

Hemant Gupta- Justice Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh, K.K. Sharma- Advisor of Administrator Chandigarh, S.K. Aggarwal- Justice of District Session Court, Rahul Gupta- Additional Inspector General of Prisons, Amandeep Singh Gill- DSP Model Jail Burail Chandigarh, and Praveen Kumar- Program Organiser Model Jail Chandigarh were the guest highlights of the evening.

Lecture@ Chandigarh-

The lecture organised does not aims at battering the body or torturing the psyche of the criminal; instead, the objective is revolutionizing his inner self by tuning it to the supreme consciousness.

DJJS Preacher during the discourse session rightly said that “To know what has to be done, and then do it comprises the whole philosophy of life”. He explained that death is inevitable truth. Then what does the aspirant mean when he asks for the immortality? The answer is stated in Gurbani that: “I have obtained Eternal Life, realizing the Self”.

 Further it was discussed that the goal of the life is to live forever, attain immortality or Eternal Life. Only through the realization of true self can arrive at the stage called liberation, salvation or moksha. This is the stage when he conquers death and is able to experience immortality while living.

The discourse session left an indelible mark on jail inmates and stupendous results were witnessed later on. Spirituality, thereon, speeded through the routine of the majority of jail inmates.

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