“We should Take this movement ‘creating a drug free society’ not only to Jaipur but to the whole Rajasthan’ proclaimed Dr. Beena Echance, Medical officer in the city. Jaipur  - a city, well known as pink city has not remained pink but overawed with agonies, pain of an addict and his family. To reduce the adverse situation, and moving a step towards  our program aim – ‘Establishment of a Drug Free Society”, Jaipur, DJJS  has organized a 3 hour long conference with various stakeholders of the problem.

BODH | ‘Let’s Talk ‘a conference held by DJJS, Jaipur on ‘Prevalence of tobacco sue in the society’

To give their view point and concern Dr. Neeraj Garg, Head officer of Department of De-addiction at SHS hospital, Jaipur. 

BODH | ‘Let’s Talk ‘a conference held by DJJS, Jaipur on ‘Prevalence of tobacco sue in the society’

This conference gave the participants, an opportunity to understand the gravity of this issue in their state and act according to the need of the hour. But this realization also raised several questions in their minds. To give these questions a rest, the participants underwent a full-fledged discussion on various topics related to the issue.

The youths present in the discussion shared their real life experiences with everyone while the experts there explained them the psychological and the mental reasons behind those events. Amidst this discussion, when Sadhavi Arya Bharti Ji who is an expert on the subject highlighted several facts and figures on the current scenario of this problem prevailing in the society, Dr. Beena Echance, said. ‘Lack of awareness amongst people and specially the youth is one of the main reasons why this problem has become an issue of national concern worldwide.

 When this three hour session was about to come to its end, a youth present in the conference asked “What is the best solution for this?”. And as an answer to this Sadhvi Arya Bharti ji, Preacher, DJJS said “The only possible and permanent solution to this problem, is ‘Spirituality’. Medicines can only heal ones physical body but this problem of addiction  happens at mental level  and hence requires a solution which works a level higher and it can be nothing else but Spirituality”.  

As a result of this conference, a thought was successfully instigated in the minds of the people. Impressed by the efforts of the organization to bring a positive change in the society, the experts present there readily gave their consent to support all the future projects of Bodh in the city. One of them specially, walked up to Sadhavi Arya Bharti, also the Branch Coordinator of DJJS, Jaipur and said “Seeing this selfless dedication of your organization for the welfare of the society, I salute Shri AShutosh Maharaj ji under whose guidance you all work so selflessly and tirelessly. Today I am sure we all would soon be able to witness a Drug Free society which till Yesterday seemed an impossible thought.”

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