Having completed 11 months of active nature conservation campaigning, DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My Responsibility Campaign brought together diverse environment stakeholders and MEMR partners for a round table on 19 July 2015, Sunday, at Circuit House, Ludhiana.

Ludhiana High profiles assemble at MEMR Stakeholder Consultative Meeting to mark support for an environmentally responsible Ludhiana

Mrs. Maninder Kaur Viswas (I.R.S.),Mr. Shivank das Viswas (I.R.S.),Mr. Shakti Sharma (Chairman ,industries &commerce), Mrs.Radhika Jaitwani ,Mr. Dinesh Lakra,Mr.Rajnish Ahuja,Mr. Dinesh Sarpal,Mr.Subhash Bajaj,Mr.S.C.Ralhan,Mr.Rakesh Kapoor,Mr. Paramjeet singh(P.P.S.C.),Mr.Vijay kalia (S.B.I), ,Mrs.Rama Shauri (President,Victoria Ladies Club),Mrs.Ritu Arora (President Laxmi Club),Mr.Rajnish Dhiman,Mr.Kamal Chatly participated in this landmark event of MEMR.

Ludhiana High profiles assemble at MEMR Stakeholder Consultative Meeting to mark support for an environmentally responsible Ludhiana

“At this very place we sat down with experts and stakeholders of the city at the curtain raiser event of MEMR almost a year ago, and once again we are here, this time to share the MEMR report card with the people of the city and take them on board to decide the future action plan of the campaign”, said Sadhvi Aditi Bharti disciple of Shri AshutoshMaharaj Ji and the Program Incharge of Nature Conservation Program of DJJS, an environmentalist by profession.

Moderating the conference Sadhvi Aditi Bharti, said, “Bringing about an environmental change is not a one day, one month or a one year job, neither planting a few trees, raising some environmental slogans is the key, infact environmental change can only be achieved through when each and every individual adopts pro- environmental living and this is what MEMR is aiming at”.

She said, “It’s not the end of the campaign instead it is the beginning of the change all of us envision, it is an opportunity to realize green Ludhiana”. Moved by the work of the campaign, members from schools, colleges, industries, NGO’s and community representatives all came in support of the campaign and shared their valuable suggestions to shape the road ahead.

Sadhvi Viresha Bharti, another disciple of His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji, enlightened the audience on the subject of “ Nature conservation & Spirituality”, taking them through the Vedic eras where customs and rituals which we follow even today were actually carved by Vedic rishis with the idea of rebuilding human- nature relationship and thereby steering societies on path of conservation.

The consultative conference came to an end with diverse environmental stakeholders vowing to shoulder their environmental responsibility within their sectors.

Though My Earth My Responsibility campaign has successfully completed its yearlong commitment, however the organization plans to take into the next phase in the coming year and focus precisely on developing models of change within the city.

My Earth My Responsibility by Sanrakshan – the Nature Conservation Program of DJJS is a state of art initiative which aims at steering cities towards being environmentally responsible societies. DJJS through its wide network of branches across the globe is working on nature conservation, bovine conservation, gender aspects, education, health, drug abuse eradication, disaster management and empowerment of prisoners and disabled.

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