Not merely education, but a comprehensive education system blended with deep-rooted morals and ethics, was meant to be the foundation stone of Manthan-Sampoorn Vikas Kendras. The first centre commenced officially from the slum area of Shakurpur, New Delhi in 2009. All that it started with was just a small building whose ambience glowed with a flock of tiny tots, mentored by few teachers. 

Manthan and WEIF Undertake Community Initiative Program in Bihar : Foreshadow of a Turning Point

Right from its inception to its establishment in the form of 16 centres in India today, Manthan has certainly travelled a burgeoning journey while exemplifying its unwavering commitment towards a social cause.

Manthan and WEIF Undertake Community Initiative Program in Bihar : Foreshadow of a Turning Point

A bunch of activities or initiatives for students is a steady feature that happens across all the centres of Manthan-SVK. However, what recently marked a turning point in the course of Manthan is its NGO Partnership with a Canadian organization, Women’s Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF) to undertake a Community Initiative Program in Bihar.

How it kicked off?

Impressed by the operation of four Manthan-SVKs in Bihar, Mrs. Nargis Jamal, the Founder of WEIF, when visited a centre in the state, highly applauded the endeavor of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), in introducing such a holistic education program for under-privileged children.

Having personally met the students, she could perceive the sense of responsibility Manthan had shouldered for them. This is what triggered her to join hands with Manthan and go for a joint collaboration. This was no less than winning a certificate of victory for Manthan that has toiled hard at every stage to enhance the level of its students.

Why Bihar?

A state in the eastern region of India, Bihar has witnessed a slow progress in its social and economic condition. The condition of people living below the poverty line (BPL) is extremely pitiful as they have lack of nutrition and can’t afford the education of their children. Even if some children go to school, they lack basic knowledge, i.e. the core foundation. This is a clear implication that the quality of education is missing.

Keeping such circumstances in mind, DJJS and WEIF entered into a joint venture to upgrade the educational level of children.

Course of Action / Modus Operandi

Teachers are the only guide and advisor of students. Their training is equally significant and instrumental in an efficient transfer of knowledge to students. Teachers would be enrolled at Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources (RIVER), Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, by WEIF. This will enrich their knowledge base and capability to teach students.

Along with their course fees, WEIF would bear the responsibility of their salary, preparing syllabus and curriculum for students, arrangement of school books and bags, teachers’ training, organizing routine events like health checkup camps and other activities, giving nutrition diet to students and up gradation of centers for the FY 2014-15. This may extend upto two years.

Working as supplementary centres, Manthan-SVKs are projected to be established as full-fledged registered schools. The process has begun with Bihar and thus, all the relevant requirements would be fulfilled, be it purchasing land, construction of school buildings, their registration and affiliation etc. WEIF will administer, support and supervise this course of action, in association with Manthan, DJJS.

Such an enthusiastic undertaking is on its way and both the teams have stepped ahead with an unyielding spirit. This dedication will ripe the fruit of education in Bihar and prepare tiny tots for a shinning future.

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