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Buddha once said, ‘When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God and when you exhale, you are giving service to the world in the form of peace and calm mind’.  Soon, people realised that in this mechanical and complex world, composed approach and fit body can be obtained only through the practice of YOGA.

Manthan SVK celebrates International YOGA DAY 2018 with enthusiasm and zeal

Yoga is an Indian Heritage! Realising the universal importance of Yoga, all the 18 centres of Manthan- Sampooran Vikas Kendra with around 2000 beneficiaries celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2018.

All the students performed numerous ASANAS e.g. Surya Namaskar, Trikon Asana, Padmasan, Anulom, Vilom, Pashchimothanasana, Makarasana etc. and received deep insight about the importance, benefits  and postures of various asanas. After exercising, they were refreshed, relaxed and also realised the immediate positive impacts of doing yoga. Apart from this, each of them took a pledge to perform yoga every day and live a healthy life. They got awareness that with yoga, it is easier to build concentration and achieve heights as its calms the mind and makes your soul pure. Moreover, it was shared with them, that yoga is one of the fitness secrets behind many successful and eminent personalities.

Manthan SVK celebrates International YOGA DAY 2018 with enthusiasm and zeal

Throughout the programme, Manthanites were filled with enthusiasm and excitement of practicing one of the traditional skills of India i.e. Yoga. This unique occasion served as a platform for the students to appreciate the significance of healthy body & healthy mind through Yoga and become aware of its long lasting beneficial effects.

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