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Cyber Crime is a growing problem in the computer age. It is said “For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break in”. In relation to Cyber Crime, another issue plaguing our world today is child sexual abuse. Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime. It is currently the world’s greatest silent crime. Focusing on this grave issue, Samadhan Abhiyan conducted a webinar on these topics on 12 July, 2020 at 7 pm through virtual mode. The key speaker of the event was Dr. Varun Kapoor (IPS) (Addl. Director General of Police, M.P) moderated by Ajay Kumar (Advocate Supreme court, Advisor Samadhan Abhiyan, Veteran Journalist, National Spokesperson Lok Janshakti Party, NDA Govt of PM Modi) and Smt. Shikha Rai (Mentor Samadhan Abhiyan and Municipal Counselor, South Delhi). Dr. Varun Kapoor is known internationally for his work in POSCO, Cyber Crime, Drugs and Suicide. Manthan-SVK, an initiative by DJJS working for the development of underprivileged children of society was also a part of this highly anticipated webinar. Teachers and volunteers attended the same and learnt a lot through the session.

Dr. Kapoor explained what Cyber Crime actually is. He specified the use of Cyber Space such as information, Commerce, Communication, Social networking and entertainment. The differences between Bullying and Cyber Bullying are Cyber Bullying spreads faster and has a wider audience.  He also cleared the misconception that a digital footprint can be removed after deleting data, formatting disk, breaking and burning the drive or disposing the device. Dr. Kapoor touched upon the topic of Child pornography as well as the remedies of the Cyber Crime. Stringent enforcement, surveillance and interception of suspects devices, internet sniffing of traffic, Dark net monitoring, Invasive enforcement, Rehab of rescued children, financial support to vulnerable communities to prevent online child sex slavery are some of the remedies discussed in the session. He discussed many more aspects of this concerning issue prevailing in our society while mentioning his own personal experiences. Manthan was thankful and honored to be a part of such an informative session which is the need of the hour.









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