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Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. This has been rightly said by Immanuel Kant. Science plays an important role in our lives. Manthan SVK, an initiative by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is working tirelessly for the education of children who belongs to the underprivileged sections of the society. They not only focus on the education of a student but aim for the overall development of the child. Overall development includes the physical, social as well as holistic development of the student. For the purpose of their growth, Manthan organizes visits to various places so as to contribute to the development of their brain. Such a visit was organized by Manthan in the month of December to the National Science Centre.

Manthanites explored the fascinating universe of science in a visit to National science centre in December

Four centres of Manthan SVK i.e. Patel Nagar, Badli, Dwarka and Faridabad visited National Science Centre in the month of December 2018. This trip was organized by Manthan to make the students aware about the various aspects of science and the important role it plays in our life. Such trips develop the thinking abilities of the children. The students were able to relate to the important role science plays in our life. For the people who interested in science, the National Science Centre, New Delhi,  is the most creative place for them. Through this journey, children became aware of every technical progress made in the field of science and with the help of various tools and techniques; they were involved in science, geography and human development. They learned the facts: Children visited Heritage and Dinosaur Gallery, Human Biology Gallery, Fun-Science Gallery and 3D Show, Communication Saga, Science of Sphere etc. In the field of science and technology, they went on to discover the history of Indian heritage, how, over time, the development of a very rich scientific and technological culture on Indian soil led to the development of art and literature. Apart from this, the giant scorpions in the center, the early birds, the giant dinosaur various species and their corresponding artificial atmosphere were presented with special light and sound, which were impressed and encouraged by the children watching the snow-era. This journey gave new feathers to the curious students, making them an important contribution in starting their search. Students were also very excited to visit a new place and enjoyed the new learning experience. Such events reignite the interest for studies in the students. The visit was a huge success as the children displayed immense interest in watching the real life usage of the teachings they receive in the classroom.

Manthanites explored the fascinating universe of science in a visit to National science centre in December

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