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Goddess Durga is worshipped as the Supreme Shakti. She is the Mother of universe, the power from whom comes forth the creation, sustenance and dissolution. Durga means one who takes us beyond all difficulties. She is the Shakti, the power of consciousness, residing within each being which when awakened becomes the source of all wisdom and divine power. Goddess Shakti is the source of all transformative energy and cataclysmic force that mere human logic cannot comprehend. Under the revolutionary mission of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized a Spiritual Program of Mata Ki Chowki at Divya Bhawan (Hayes, London) on 6th Oct, 2019.

Mata Ki Chowki organized by DJJS Diffused the Elixir of Divine Energy at Hayes, London

A series of devotional songs filled the hearts of all devotees with divine love. The inspirational lyrics and rhythms soaked each heart with the nectar of devotion. All devotees danced to the divine tunes of the prayers feeling the love showered by the Goddess Durga. DJJS preachers also delivered a discourse to awaken masses towards the greater path of self-realization.

Mata Ki Chowki organized by DJJS Diffused the Elixir of Divine Energy at Hayes, London

Preachers explained that due to maya (worldly illusion), human beings tend to forget their true divine nature and get entangled into the muddles of material life resulting in misery, pain, and ignorance. Mata’s Chowki symbolize a fight against the ignorance or darkness with the help of divine mother in the form of a perfect master. Goddess Adi Shakti manifests into various forms and has been destroying demons since time immemorial. In the similar way, a perfect master gives us the indestructible weapon of God’s Knowledge or Brahm Gyan to fight our inner demons. The Akhand Jyot with chanting of mantras during the Chowki is symbolic of divine light and knowledge which can be manifested inside of every being. They profoundly declared that His Holiness is such perfect master of this epoch, who has awakened the true form of Goddess in myriad human beings through the subtle faculty of third eye and then only the real worship of Mother begins.

The discourse revealed many hidden spiritual secrets behind lot of rituals that are performed and festivals celebrated, which made the complete transformation in the thought process of attendees and they were delighted to the core. Preachers highlighted the profound work being done by DJJS to address the dreaded issues concerning women as female foeticide, gender bias, crime against women, girl’s education etc. in society through its initiative “Santulan”. Many people offered their contribution in various ways towards the mission. Also, the program served its purpose of spreading the message of truth with the grace of our Master.

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