MEMR celebrates Lohri 2015 as a commitment to fight climate change


They say,

“Commitment doesn’t seek an occasion but each occasion becomes a commitment for those who strive to turn things around”

So is the case with young members of  DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My Responsibility(MEMR) Campaign, who celebrated Lohri 2015 as a commitment to fight climate change. As hundreds gathered at DJJS Kailash Nagar Ashram full of devotion to mark Lohri on Tuesday, the young team members of MEMR took an opportunity to sensitize masses regarding their responsibility towards Mother Nature.

The program started with an insightful speech bringing out the essential message of reverence to Mother Nature embedded in the celebration of this festival. MEMR representative informed the audience that, “Lohri is an occasion to celebrate transition from winters to summers, marking the beginning of a new seasonal cycle. And thus, traditionally it was celebrated as an occasion to pay obeisance to Mother Nature for the beautiful seasonal cycle she has created.”  She further added, “However, we carry on with the ritual of celebrating Lohri year after year, but reverence to Mother Nature has gone missing. This is evident in the looming threat of climate change today.”

Abrupt changes in the seasonal cycle and higher frequency of extreme weather conditions are major evident effects of climate change.  Global climate reports declare that 2014 was the hottest year since ever, witnessing extremes of temperatures. Bearing the same in mind, DJJS Nature Conservation Program Sanrakshan, held Lohri 2015 as critical to raise consciousness of masses towards climate change and bring them on- board for conservation action.

MEMR team exclusively crafted the said Lohri celebration blending the traditional rituals with pro- environmental learning. The folk songs sung on the occasion were given lyrics delivering the message of conservation. An exclusive environment exhibition was displayed for focused sensitization.

Towards the end of the program as the locals stood beside the Lohri bonfire, they took their personal commitments to change their lifestyles to sustainable living patterns as a symbol of revering the all giving Mother Nature.

About Sanrakshan

Sanrakshan is Natural Resource Management and Environment Protection Program aims at rebuilding the fading human-nature relationship of mutualism for re-establishing the environmental balance.

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