While the rest of the people are boggled down in the worldly affairs, trying to please others, and entangled in the illusions of societal norms, only the fortunate ones find themselves attending mega events such as the monthly congregation at Divya Dham Ashram of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. Every month, devotees look forward to the inspiring words delivered by the various disciples of His Holiness Sarv Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the founder and the head.

Monthly Mass - The Vital Food for the Soul Bequeathed at Divya Dham, Delhi

On September 06th 2015, the eternal love, sparks of hope, and unshakeable faith could be tasted in the crisp air, rasping away the dirt of doubts, uncertainty, and longing within each heart. The divine vibes created by the event brought the feeling of oneness between the admirer and His Supreme- strengthening the devotion and solidifying the connection.

Hailing in the Lotus Feet of the Satguru, all rejoice and find themselves resonating in His victory. The harmonious hymns mesmerize the audiences’ hearts and make them swing and dance in the devotional melodies.

Monthly Mass - The Vital Food for the Soul Bequeathed at Divya Dham, Delhi

“Guru is the abode,
Guru is the bridge,
Guru is the way,
& Guru IS the destination.”

Summarizing the sermon presented by Swami Chidanand Ji, Guru is essential in a sadhak’s life and His Gyan, His guidance, and His teachings, are the essence. Without a Guru, one lives blindly heading into directionless dark destinations. Guru’s guidance provides the light, taking the devout disciple to eternal freedom’s dwelling. Guru protects His lost souls by tying the everlasting knot of the bond of eternal love.  Guru’s each action as well as His each uttered phrase has merely one purpose: welfare of the disciple. However, input is also needed from the pupil, which is to follow Guru’s commands. Once a devotee fully surrenders and follows Guru’s orders, beautiful results spring up and Guru grants His disciples that the entire world is seeking: the everlasting bliss.

Although the preachers were sermonizing, the devotees could see His Holiness speak through them and although the musicians were playing, the audience could feel the harmony provided by His Holiness.  Such perception only occurs within the awaken ones who continue to perceive what is within on the outside as well. The awakening is only granted by the perfect master of the era.

The congregation served as the essential nutrition for the soul quenching its thirst, which worldly affairs fail to fulfill.

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