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Give us your blessing, O Divine Lord. Never may sleep or idle talk control us. May we always remain your beloved. Being your brave sons, may we spread the rays of this knowledge everywhere(Rig Veda)

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram Aided Disciples to Reflect upon their Progress for Divine Destination

The Super benign monthly spiritual congregation at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi commenced with the prayer from the vedas, inspiring us to tread the road of selflessness and spread the message of Truth. Such is the role given by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji to his each and every disciple. In order to fulfil this role of ours as His real instruments, the formula is to remain attuned to him always, which will help us to be recipients of His guidance at every step. Also, while contributing in His divine mission, we have to remain conscious of the fact that we have wasted lot of breath in sleeping and futile talks. Thus; a subtle feeling, intention and efforts require that may we offer our all in all for spreading this light in the world.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram Aided Disciples to Reflect upon their Progress for Divine Destination

To nurture, motivate and strengthen the bond of Master-disciple relationship, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan conducts such congregations across country and one was held at Delhi on 6th January, 2019. Preachers explained – “To discover the real path of freedom, welfare and peace for all; Neither science nor Technology, but practical spirituality is the only resort.” In every era, the Spiritual Masters of the times have revolutionised not one or two, but the humanity at large, via the eternal and divine tool of ‘inner awakening’.

They explained that a devoted disciple should always be full of enthusiasm and vigour in spreading the message of truth and Dharma and not be afraid of difficulties. They further gave reference of Purna- the ardent disciple of Lord Buddha. Once while walking past some village Lord Buddha expressed his desire if someone could give out the message of truth and Dharma to people there, Purna readily asked for the orders but Lord Buddha expressed the concern that villagers might be rude and might not listen to him, or probably throw him out of village to which Purna said- “so what master, then I will consider myself lucky that they just threw me out of village and not hurt me or kill me”. To this Lord Buddha said- “what if they turn out to be brutal and in rage might kill you as well”. To this Purna replied – “Then I will consider myself luckiest in world to have given up this life in spreading your divine message of Truth and Dharma.” Such should be the spirit of a disciple! 

The learned preachers explained that there are various challenges and hurdles that a devout believer has to go through on the path of devotion. However, as the ocean remains undisturbed on receiving gallons of water from the rivers; similarly, the one whose mind is transformed and is established at peace- no commotion is created despite the sense objects pouring in through numerous stimuli.

Numerous devotional songs sung by devotes were full of words of wisdom and love. Thousands of people gathered from the places nearby and were deeply immersed in the aura of spirituality and Divine love of Guru. The program was concluded by prasadam feast for all the devotees.

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