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“There is nothing higher and holier than the knowledge which comes to the soul transmitted by a spiritual teacher”, to re-establish the dire necessity of treading on the path of Spirituality as guided by the Perfect Master. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised yet another soul-stirring Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi on 2nd October 2022. Such congregations have proved to be benign platforms for engaging devotees in holistic learning, and for Satguru as the divine channel to shower His grace and love. The preacher disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji delivered perfectly curated sermons with inspirations from historic Guru- Shishya relationship instances which are the timeless treasures for humankind. The meaningfully composed melodious bhajans evoked the deepest and purest of the emotions connecting each soul with the beloved Master.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi: Retransmitted to Disciples the Mission & Vision of Satguru

 On one hand we witness the tumultuous face of the world characterised by troubled relations, poor health, falling values, rising ignorance owing to the negative brainwaves of collective human society. On the other hand, there is a section of disciples of Perfect Master of this epoch, His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, who are awakened to their true self, realizing their core, and dwelling in innate peace, tranquillity, and stability. They can rise above to challenge the disturbing waves originating at the level of mind.

Where the intelligentsia of world leaders are striving hard to find the cure for this ailment surfacing from human mind, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the divine healer, bestowing the remedy for the root cause of ailment the supreme science of Brahm Gyan to each and every seeker.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi: Retransmitted to Disciples the Mission & Vision of Satguru

Preachers explained that the current time is the opportunity presented by Gurudev to disciples for evolving into dynamic personalities of surrender and sacrifice, committed to the sacred mission of Guru i.e., from Self Awakening to Global Peace. It is the time to replenish the divine energy and harness the same for the most noble of selfless service i.e., spreading the message of the divine science of Brahm Gyan/Self Realization to one and all. They cited the example of Swami Vivekananda, once upon returning to India after spreading his Guru’s message of Divine knowledge far and wide in USA, his fellow brother disciple venerated his feet eulogizing his efforts and asserting that his was the greatest of the selfless service one can offer at the lotus feet of his Master. Hence, it’s time for us to sacrifice everything from worldly pursuits, vices, desires to possessions and give the oblation of sadhana, for the divine mission of turning tide, from Dark Age to Divine New Era.

The sublime guidance and grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji flows through various ways to each of his disciples nurturing them in and out. And this congregation organized at Divya Dham is platform for consolidation and coming together in one common direction to become a huge positive spiritual force which can be used by Divine hands for Divine Mission. The program concluded with group meditation, prayers for world and community feast for all.

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