Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”), under the divine guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder – DJJS) makes conscientious endeavours to convey the rich resource of knowledge by organising Monthly Spiritual Programs. Like every month, another congregation took place at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi on 3rd December, 2017. Hundreds of devotees attended the event.  The devotees basked in the knowledge of unceasing invaluable inspirations with the blissful divine bhajans and discourse.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Evoked Epitome of Devotion, Meerabai Ji at Divya Dham, New Delhi

The relationship between a master and a disciple has often been characterized as that of unwavering trust, where the disciple follows the master without questioning or raising objections, and embarks his journey as a seeker of truth. In this spiritual meet, our renowned preachers talked about a heart-felt relationship where the disciple's love for the master is the guiding force, and enables the disciple to follow the correct path that the master has showed. It’s imperative for a disciple to have faith and trust, as the trust prevents disciples from becoming disillusioned, and hence pursue their spiritual journey with perseverance. The more trust the disciple has in the master, the easier it is for the disciple to follow the righteous path shown by the master.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Evoked Epitome of Devotion, Meerabai Ji at Divya Dham, New Delhi

The play on the life of Meerabai Ji enacted by the dedicated volunteers of DJJS deeply touched the hearts of devotees. Meerabai Ji is widely known and much valued figure in the Indian Bhakti movement culture. Her place in the religious history is unique as she had danced and sang her way into the hearts of millions of her admirers. Her immense devotion for Lord Krishna is an example for all the devotees. She refused to succumb to social evils prevailing during her time and overcame all the difficulties with resolute. With the divine grace of Guru Ravidas Ji (Spiritual Mentor of Meerabai), she strongly fought with all the evils that came across her way and spread the message of bhakti to common people.

The learned Preachers explained that there are various challenges and hurdles that a devout believer has to go through on the path of devotion. However, an ideal devotee watches out and keeps progressing no matter what the situation is. One must not only overcome all challenging conditions but also be ready to confront any new trials. The Satguru makes his disciples undergo these trials and tribulations to mould them into better, stronger human beings and make them more spiritually evolved. Just as a drop of water struggles to reach its source, so do we, the souls must face and triumph all bewildering situations to reach our ultimate goal – The Supreme Soul.

The event left the audiences rejuvenated and acted like a catalyst in bringing the focus of their wandering minds to the lotus feet of the Master. The programme was concluded by prasadam feast for all the devotees.

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