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Often, we find ourselves stuck in the vicious circle of life and we think, why is it happening to us! Why we are facing so many issues in life though, we haven’t caused any harm to anyone intentionally! Here, we always forget that Cause & Effect theory – Every Action has an equal Reaction. Even if we are not doing anything wrong consciously, still being a mere human being we often commit some mistakes, that turn into unfortunate results. Being conscious doesn’t always mean that one must be alert physically, but its more of mental / psychological consciousness that defines our acts. Why! Because we are slaves to our own thoughts. Our Mind is a Double-Edged Sword and how we handle it, mends the path of our lives. Training one’s mind is only possible when we receive the guidance of a Perfect Master (Guru) who leads us in the path of Self-Awakening & Spirituality.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Explained the Path of Spirituality to Control the Mind at Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Even after receiving the holy guidance (Brahm Gyan) from the Perfect Master, we tend to lose our track of achieving the spiritual summit mid-way. In such situations, we need support and our Guru is the only person who can lend that support. But, like an upside-down bowl cannot be filled with water, we too cannot receive Guru’s grace if lose touch with him. This is the reason why we must keep the Guru - Shishya relationship strong from our side. To enhance & enrich this bond, every month Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, under the holy guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organizes monthly spiritual programmes in various places. One such Monthly Bhandara program was organized at Jodhpur, Rajasthan on 8th Dec’19, where devotes in large numbers gathered to experience the spectacle of spirituality.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Explained the Path of Spirituality to Control the Mind at Jodhpur, Rajasthan

DJJS representative, the orator of the event, beautifully explained the ways to strengthen spiritual connect with the Master. They further explained how to control the mind and lead it in the path of righteousness by practicing Meditation/ Dhyana Sadhana. Sadhana in the way to get connected with Master; it makes us learn the essence of self-evaluation and inculcates the seed of gratitude in us. The sense of gratitude is an important tool for growing in the inner world. Gratitude must be expressed not only for this precious life, but also for every moment being a golden opportunity to attain the heights of cosmic connection. Our every action, be it in thoughts, speech, or deeds should be a prayer thanking the universal energy and our Guru for having given us the chance to see that divine within.

The congregation was enchanted by the purity, divinity and sincerity with which the devotional bhajans were sung. They had an aesthetic effect on the audience who forgot the world for some time and drenched themselves in the divinity of the bhajans. The selfless devotees reflected the values of brotherhood & strong will power and become an awakened being that can then awaken multiple people, thereby creating a divine effect of positivity.

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