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With the passing of time, a devotee seeks inner and outer guidance from Gurudev. To gain wisdom pupils have always attended sermons under the tutelage of their revered masters. The monthly congregation in Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab on May 13, 2018 was an exemplary event complementing this very ancient tradition. In this manner, Guru has imparted the right guidance, the true knowledge, as well as the enlightenment to the disciples.  His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji practices this custom of providing direction to those who come in His benign shelter.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation in Nurmahal Ashram Sprung up New Hope Strengthening Faith

A wandering mind finds solution to all queries, balance to all imparities, and relief to all troubles just by tuning into the holy sermon imparted on a monthly basis. This month, too, the listeners gained in-depth wisdom and motivation to walk steadfastly on the enlivening path of spirituality. Multiple disciples of His Holiness delivered the sermon in which they uplifted the spirits of the devotees re-instilling the values and principles of true spirituality. The centralized goal of bringing change to oneself to therefore reflect change in the society as well as the nation remained standing throughout the event.

Soul-touching mesmerizing musical melodies enriched with the pearls of devotion and love for the Guru sprung up new light and hope within all hearts. Music fused into devotion filled lyrics soothes the thirsty souls further drenching them into the nectars of divine love. All parched hearts find relief through devotional music, taking with them the jewels of spiritual depth.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation in Nurmahal Ashram Sprung up New Hope Strengthening Faith

The attendees found themselves swaying in the musical presentations. Just as every month, the event sprung up emotions in the listener’s hearts; there were moments of joy, laughter, enthusiasm, and divine love. At times, devotional tears would flow down the cheeks of devotees soaked in the divinity. It is this connection that everyone feels that keeps them assembled to Guru enabling them to attend these events in such high numbers.

Those who attended also testify to the fact that new hope springs up every month when they attend along with the strengthening faith in Guru’s works and words. Everyone leaves the event with the empowering zeal ready to confront the implications needed in the way of bringing change, with hearts reverberating salutations in the lotus feet of His Holiness.

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