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Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal Ashram held specifically for all female devotees provided perfect insight into the enormous inner strength that women hold. Women devoted for a pious cause bring light to the disturbed world. Women are the directors, mentors, and enlightened souls capable of leading the world towards a proper direction. Initiated with Brahm Gyan, these women are like the sparkling diamonds who shine bright amidst chaos, all the while challenge hardships, challenges, and remain daring throughout their lives. They unleash their hidden potentials to accomplish the seemingly impossible and their capabilities are often underestimated by the society.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation, Nurmahal for Women Devotees Reassured them with Courage and Enthusiasm

Under the benign guidance of H.H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan continues to hold various events throughout the year directed to bring power to women, uplift them and generate confidence within them to achieve goal oriented targets. Sunday Jan 8, 2017, Bhandara Program, a monthly event was dedicated, this month to the valued initiative of the organization. The women sadhaks who with their selfless service, power of deep meditation, strong character, unfathomable faith, and undeterred dedication have evolved themselves as strong individuals.  Their independent disposition and and courageous acts will definitely usher an era of positive change the world so desperately demands.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation, Nurmahal for Women Devotees Reassured them with Courage and Enthusiasm

The priceless and extraordinary grace of Satguru has shaped these individuals into benevolent messengers of peace that are able to challenge the vices and evils that pervade Planet Earth. Sadhvi Tapaswini Bharti Ji, one of the numerous dedicated female preachers and the disciple of His Holiness, addressed the congregation with present day examples instilling goal oriented enthusiasm into the hearts of all.

Sadhvi Shreya Bharti Ji, a renowned orator and the disciple of His Holiness further articulated the words of wisdom into each heart by citing historical and current examples. Free from today’s mental conditions of anger, greed, lust, pride, and attachment, the devotees that have been initiated with the technique of Brahm Gyan are working towards bringing a new era of love, peace, and brotherhood. These women have devoted themselves for achieving Satguru’s vision of World Peace.

From woman Prime Minister, women in space and women in various fields, Bharat has produced respectable and remarkable women throughout history. Furthermore, with the guidance of the Perfect Master, our women have provided to the world light, love, and grace. Overall, the event was reassuring for women of all creeds and ages to engage in the grand mission of Satguru and encouraged them to nurture and spread everlasting hope and enthusiasm.

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