Monthly Spiritual Congregation @ Nurmahal, Punjab Experience Divine Wonders, Bliss, Ecstasy and Joy


Under the divine guidance of HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Monthly Spiritual Program came out with unchallenged faith and devotion. The program involves the active participation of thousands of people every month which is the sign of Unity and Brotherhood.

All the people became the part of the Monthly Spiritual Congregation once again with only one prayer in each mind...

“Gurudev! I am fortunate to walk through the divine gateway of your Grace!

Now, for me remains no other gateway of higher stature to walk through!”

The Vision of DJJS ‘From Self Awakening to Global Peace’ - reverberated throughout the orations, testimonies and lyrics of most of the musical presentations.

 The experiences shared about the manifold blessings of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji received admiration and touched many hearts. The devotees were much in-tune with their inner selves and pleasantly listened to every message, every word being delivered from the stage. Each devotee was full of grace and blessings of Maharaj Ji by the end of the program. The monthly program gave impetus to the spiritual growth of everyone present there. This program proves to be feast for everyone’s soul where discourses is like lavish food served in different flavours and soulful bhajans acted as a drink of nectar. Community feast at the end served as the perfect dessert of the day.

The event was adorned with HIS divinity and gave the message of peace and harmony.

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