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Our faith in God is bolstered by the evidence and results in a transformed life. It takes faith to believe that what a Guru says is always right and true; and it takes faith to trust and walk on the divine path of bhakti. It is this faith that makes or breaks an individual and leads them to or deter them from the path of spirituality. On this path, determination and faith of self on Lord is crucial as Guru is always blessing everyone. It depends on us how much we can imbibe from Guru.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Reiterated Power of Faith on Guru at Pune, Maharashtra

To inculcate and strengthen this faith, DJJS organized a Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Pune, Maharashtra on 9th June, 2019. Thousands of devotees were gathered at the venue. The attendees found themselves lost in the glory of the Lord through the inspirational harmonies and felt being rescued from the whims and fancies of the world.

 The learned Preachers of DJJS reiterated the importance of faith and patience on the divine path of bhakti and stated that we are born to new life, we grow and develop in our spiritual lives, and one day we will be completely transformed into God’s likeness. This would be possible only if we keep faith on our spiritual mentor. It is also a tool to get answers to the problems that a disciple faces while walking on the path of bhakti. If God can turn night into day, he can also turn your burden into blessing. For a lasting relationship with Guru, the disciple needs trust; trust in his decisions, in work conditions and the circumstances Guru has created for the disciple. Only if we are patient, will we fully understand the teachings of the Guru.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Reiterated Power of Faith on Guru at Pune, Maharashtra

 Sometimes, the blocked channels of the mind result in a narrow-minded, desire-motivated and animalistic creature, who is ever ready to satiate his own interest even if it demands cruelty, violence and destruction! A Guru pulls the individual out of such an inhuman behaviour. He becomes the beacon of light for those who wish to tread the path of higher cultural, moral and ethical values that lead one to the highest Spiritual portal. The greatest ever gift of “Brahm Gyan” given to us by our Gurudev is the solution for all our problems, be it worldly or spiritual. His Holiness has taught us to stay determined and not lose patience in worst ever situations also.

 The Spiritual Congregation once again proved to light the hearts of disciples with faith, determination, devotion and wisdom.

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