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Just as, to keep the body healthy and strong, there is a necessity of taking timely and healthy diet, even so, to keep the soul healthy and strong, it has to be fed with the healthy food. However, the food for soul is communion with God which involves constant remembrance which in turn provides spiritual strength to the mankind, thus making him strong enough to face all sorts of tribulations and responsibilities, whether physical or mental or spiritual.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Revitalized Devotion and Gratitude at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi

To encourage the disciples to move forward on the path of bhakti, DJJS organised the Spiritual Congregation like every month at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi on 5th May, 2019. Many devotees from Delhi-NCR made their remarkable presence in the event. The event commenced with chanting of spiritual shlokas which purified the environment and its positive vibes let the audience immerse themselves in the melody of a series of devotional songs. It divinely touched their hearts and opened their minds.

The spiritual orators of DJJS guided the disciples to cross the milestones on the path of bhakti. To know that we love God and that God loves us is certainly a greater satisfaction than any other consolation that we may have in terms of legal protection or judicial security. Devotion to Lord needs no philosophy for the soul speaks to Him in its own language of unquestioned rapture. It contacts with Him in the vitality of being, rather than the words which the tongue speaks. Our human relations may help us when we maintain a requisite relationship with them, but our relation to our spiritual mentor (“Guru”) is not conditioned in any manner. Our devotion to the world, squeezing out our energy, leaves us frail and weak. On the other hand, our devotion to Guru revitalizes us while refilling us with new vigour and energy. It is not that Guru thinks of us only if we think of Him. Our relation to Him is not a bargain or compromise; it is not a give-and-take covenant. For what a Guru does for His Disciples should thus be accepted with gratitude.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Revitalized Devotion and Gratitude at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says “An ideal disciple always thanks his Master in every situation. He accepts the cloudy days with the same gratitude as the sunny ones.” When you accept all that comes your way and rejoice in all that happens to you, you thank God and offer Him praise. You expect nothing; you hope for nothing; you need nothing; you lack nothing. You actually then become the happiest person on earth. Someone has said very beautifully, “Worthy is the one who remembers to thank the Lord for all His blessings; but admirable is the one who still thanks God in spite of difficulties.” If you remember the unconditional love and blessings of all-time compassionate God, then no gift blessed by Him will seem small or valueless.

Satsang always proves to be a great means for helping a disciple to nurture the characteristics of patience, understanding, prudence and wisdom. He gains the understanding that whatever challenges and troubles he has to face in his life, they will add to his growth and development only. A divine feast (Prasadam) marked the end of the Spiritual event. The disciples took valuable learnings with them which will surely help them in their spiritual journey.

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