If we take a cursory glance of the world around, we will find that everywhere man is struggling for survival. The sole aim behind his incessant endeavours is the attainment of pleasure and peace. But ironically, the being’s struggle for happiness entwines him more to the stem of sorrows and restlessness.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Spiritualizing and Turning India into its Real Identity: BHARAT

The unhappy being outstretches his arms to embrace happiness in the world, which unfortunately is devoid of it. A man tries to fill up his empty chalice with perishable worldly gifts, which can only grant volatile and ephemeral pleasures.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Spiritualizing and Turning India into its Real Identity: BHARAT

Saints and sages of yesterdays have emphasized it loud and clear that a sufferer can attain freedom from sorrows only when the direction of his struggle is changed. Real happiness is not present outside, but within our Inner Self. The Soul, which is the part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, is an inexhaustible treasure of bliss. However, this perennial source of happiness can be harnessed only upon learning the real art of meditation through the Perfect Master of the time. This is THE universal truth.

In order to introduce the importance of a Perfect Master in life and to learn the true art of meditation of experiencing one’s Inner Self, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) - a spiritual and non-profit organization, headed and founded by HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized Monthly Spiritual Congregation in the various branches such as Aligarh, Dabwali Malko Ki (DMK), Patna (Bihar), Gorakhpur (UP), Gwalior (MP), Chakan (Maharastra), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Nurpur (Himachal Pradesh), Odisha, Ahmedabad (Gujrat), Dibrugarh (Assam), Sunam (Punjab), Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), Pathankot (Punjab), etc., all over India. Each of these divine monthly programs at various places served its supreme purpose of disclosing the divine secret of experiencing God within one’s soul.

Everywhere the program initiated with the warm welcome of guests and devotees. Thereafter, the series of spiritual and devotional bhajans and prayers fulfilled its objective of attracting the devotees’ mind and thoughts in the divinity of the program. It helped them to be focused and acted as the perfect soil to sow the seeds of divinity. The spiritual discoursers delivered by the preachers unfolded numerous spiritual secrets through the examples of ancient stories and the need of the perfect master was explained thoroughly.

“gururbuddhyaatmano naanyat
satyam satyam na sanshayaha|
tallaabhaartham prayatnastu kartavyo hi

Without a Guru, all rituals, donations, mantras, holy vows, penances and austerities are a waste. The Guru and the Self are not distinct; beyond doubt, I repeat this truth. Thus, the wise make effort to find the True Guru and attain that state.

This verse speaks aloud the need of a Guru. The people who attended the program, found themselves fortunate on imbibing the divine and spiritual inspirations to lead the life of righteousness. They were greatly influenced by the depth of the message delivered by the preacher- disciple of revered Gurudev.

The programs concluded with the community meal delivering the message of unity and brotherhood.

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