The monthly event @ Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab was a blend of
Spirituality with serenity, Mind elevation with soul satisfaction,
Graceful discourses with nourishing doses,
Mesmerizing compositions with elegant renditions.

Monthly Spiritual Programme | DJJS, Punjab (11 May 2014)

One chant set the peaceful chord, one mantra was sung in unison, one formula generated a divine aura, one powerful saying commenced the program and also put an end to it and that was the divine and ever-renewing recital of ‘OM SHRI ASHUTOSHAYE NAMAH’.

Monthly Spiritual Programme | DJJS, Punjab (11 May 2014)

The Vision of DJJS ‘From Self Awakening to Global Peace’  - reverberated throughout the orations, testimonies and lyrics of most of the musical presentations. The experiences shared about the manifold blessings of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji received admiration and touched many hearts. The devotees were much in-tune with their inner selves and pleasantly listened to every message, every word being delivered from the stage. Kindled with the light of Brahm Gyan these committed disciples could be seen fuelled with zeal and determined to courageously walk the path shown by their Gurudev Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji.

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