Just as small seed beholds a grand tree- the hope of life for many, within its bosom, so does the children of the nation. They behold a hope for greener, better and sustainable future.

Nurturing the future of nation with pro- environmental values, My Earth My Responsibility campaign of DJJS Nature Conservation Program – Sanrakshan, held ‘Sanrakshan Pathshala’ for students and staff of Oriental Convent Senior Secondary School, Tibba Road, Ludhiana.

Sanrakshan Pathshala’s are special environment awareness generation workshop of MEMR,  designed to train school students into being true environmentalists, who themselves adopt pro- environmental living as well as take a lead in sensitizing masses on environment issue. In this foundation workshop, DJJS Sadhvi environmental expert, Sadhvi Mimansa Bharti sensitized students on the innate bond which exists between man and environment.

Mr. Vikram Sharma, Board of Director & Mrs. Sharda Sharma, Prinicipal, present at the workshop, appreciated the effort of the organisation and motivated students to actively take up their environmental responsibility.

A special environment exhibition displaying the gravity of the current environment stress was put up for the students. The workshop culminated in formation of MEMR Sanrakshan Club at Oriental School to ensure the pro- active engagement of children and faculty in betterment of environment. The all enthusiastic new members of MEMR green brigade signed their memos of commitment to save mother earth from the ongoing plunder. 

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