For 2.2 billion children living in the world today planet earth doesn’t behold the same reality as it held for you and me. Waters are no more blue, forests are not to be seen, skies are fumed with smoke and life is caught in air conditioners and heaters. With the current environment crisis, these 2.2 billion youngsters are going to inherit a planet full of resource crunch, pollution and plunder, if we don’t take up our environmental responsibility today.

My Earth My Responsibility (MEMR) empowering the young custodians of Mother Earth

Empowering the young custodians of Mother Nature to themselves steer this movement of environment change, DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My Responsibility Campaign (MEMR) organised a special 2 day Empowerment workshop for over 55 young members of Sanrakshan Club constituted under MEMR at Rabindranath Sr. Sec. School, Karamsar Colony, Ludhiana

My Earth My Responsibility (MEMR) empowering the young custodians of Mother Earth

“Environment crisis gripping the world today, is not a concern restricted to one particular individual or a particular community or a nation, however, it concerns one and all” exclaimed Mandeep Sahota, Master Trainer, My Earth My Responsibility Campaign (MEMR) reiterating the need of each individual taking up his/ her environmental responsibility.

The workshop focused on the theme of “REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE”, the mool mantra of sustainable living. Through various activities and demonstration students were educated on the said concept.

Through a comparative analysis of traditional Indian lifestyles and western lifestyles, the students were sensitized on the sustainable living practices which have been part of the traditional Indian living. Relating inspiring stories of resource management as lived by our sages like Mahatma Buddha, students were empowered to take the subsequent community environment sensitization movement. Day one of the workshop culminated in students taking home assignments to design their Reduce, reuse and recycle home plans. 

Second day of the workshop saw a pool of innovative resource conservation ideas brimming out of these young minds. The MEMR master trainers and preacher experts sat down with the students in groups to lay down community action plan for coming months.

MEMR Sanrakshan Clubs are unique institutions carved to sustain the shift towards greener future.

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