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Nothing Can Stop an Individual with Grit and Determination!

“Naval Bhor Samaroh 2.0” Heralded the Dawn of a Peaceful Spiritual Era at Nurmahal, Punjab

In human beings it appears that determination is deeply ingrained as part of the survival instinct and self-expression. From a pragmatic viewpoint, it is a person’s state of mind that ultimately decides one’s inclination or proclivity for an object. The human psyche tends to play a major role in the determination of priorities. From a religious standpoint, it is the station of one’s life that decides a person’s priorities in life. A change in our perception can change the whole situation and can establish peace! What we tend to perceive tough and unfavourable in life may not be that hard and can be managed without any hassle.  One needs the correct vision to trace positivity and peace in every situation of life. This is only possible when we possess the spiritual wisdom.

“Naval Bhor Samaroh 2.0” Heralded the Dawn of a Peaceful Spiritual Era at Nurmahal, Punjab

To spread the message of peace and to encourage the devotees to accelerate their speed towards achieving their spiritual goals while meeting the worldly requirements, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised “Naval Bhor Samaroh 2.0” on 24th November, 2019 at Nurmahal, Punjab which was an awakening call for all the divine souls. Lakhs of devotees attended the blissful moments of the divine event. The program began with the chanting of Ved-Mantra which cleanses the entire atmosphere from negativity and leaves a reverberating mark providing a perfect peaceful beginning. The stage was aptly decorated with meaningful theme of the day.

The assuring and engaging discourse injected the elements of determination whereas the mesmerizing musical performances infused the blends of will power into one and all. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the moving spirit behind the mega event has always specified that only Spiritual Awakening can bring peace and harmony in the world. DJJS Representatives encouraged the devotees to remain determined for their spiritual goals. Many esteemed guests graced the occasion and in turn got benefitted by the same. Some of the guests were present on the occasion:

  1. Sh. Jairam Thakur, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh
  2. Sh. Anurag Thakur, MOS For Finance and Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India
  3. Sh. Som Parkash, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India
  4. Maharani Preneet Kaur, Ex. Minister of State for External Affairs, Govt. of India and Current MP Patiala (Punjab)
  5. Sh. Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, Cabinet Minister (Punjab)
  6. Sh. Pawan Rana, Sangathan Mantri, Himachal Pradesh (RSS)
  7. Sh. Santokh Singh Chaudhary, Member of Parliament, Jalandhar (Punjab)
  8. Sh. Manish Tiwari, Formar Center State Minister, Current MP Anandpur Sahib (Punjab)
  9. Sh. Ashwani Sharma, Ex. President, BJP (Punjab)
  10. Sh. Tikshan Sood, Ex. President (Punjab)
  11. Sh. Vijay Sampla, Ex. Minister of State, Govt. of India
  12. Sh. Hardial Singh Kamboj, MLA Rajpura (Punjab)
  13. Sh. Madan Lal Jalalpur, MLA Ghanour (Punjab)
  14. Sh. Rajinder Singh, MLA Samana (Punjab)
  15. Sh. Rakesh Rathore, Vise-President, BJP (Punjab)
  16. Sh. Sunil Jyoti, Ex Mayor, Jalandhar (Punjab)
  17. Smt. Santosh Chaudhary, Former Minister of State, Govt. of India
  18. Sh. Sanjay Talwar, MLA Ludhiana (Punjab)
  19. Sh. Mohinder Singh KP, Ex. Cabinet Minister (Punjab)
  20. Sh. Arun Narang, MLA Abohar (Punjab)
  21. Sh. Harjot Kamal Singh, MLA Moga (Punjab)
  22. Sh. Purshotam Paasi Ji, President, BJP, Kapurthala (Punjab)
  23. Sh. Rajesh Honey, Spokesperson BJP (Punjab)
  24. Sh. Vikas Sharma, State Secretary, Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha (Punjab)
  25. Sh. Narotam Dev Ratti Ji, Ex. Chairman, Vyapar Mandal (Punjab)
  26. Sh. Darshan Kumar Ji, MD, T-Series
  27. Sh. Sudesh Lehri, Bollywood Actor and Comedian
  28. Sh. Rana Gurjeet Singh, Ex. Cabinet Minister (Punjab)
  29. Sh. Arun Khosla, Mayor Phagwara (Punjab)
  30. Sh. Naresh Kataria, Ex MLA Zira (Punjab)
  31. Sh. Mohinder Bhagat Ji, Vice-President, BJP (Punjab)
  32. S. Sarbjeet Singh Makkar, Ex. MLA Jalandhar (Punjab)
  33. Sh. Iqbal Singh Dhillon, SAD, Bathinda City (Punjab)
  34. Sh. Prem Arora, SAD, Halka Incharge Mansa (Punjab)
  35. Sh. Harinder Kohli, District President, BJP Patiala (Punjab)
  36. Sh. Mahant Gursharan Das Ji, Bathinda (Punjab)
  37. Sh. Jangi Lal Mahajan, BJP Leader Mukerian (Punjab)
  38. Sh. Narinder Singh, President, Bar Association, Jalandhar (Punjab)
  39. Sh. Harish Singla, State President Shiv Sena (Punjab)
  40. Sh. Harvinder Singh Ladi, Halka Incharge, Rural Congress Bathinda (Punjab)
  41. Sh. Parveen Kanda, SP Vigilence Jalandhar (Punjab)
  42. Cap. Harminder Singh, President, Congress, Rural Jalandhar (Punjab)
  43. Sh. Vineet Khan, Punjabi Singer
  44. Sh. Subhash Laakda, MD, S.K. Bikes, Ludhiana (Punjab)
  45. Sh. Ramesh Sharma, Ex. District President, BJP Jalandhar (Punjab)
  46. Sh. Dev Priya Tyagi, MD, Rights Way, IELTS Center, Moga (Punjab)
  47. Sh. Rajinder Pal Singh Rana Randhawa, Chairman Improvement Trust, Kartarpur (Punjab)
  48. Sh. Sunny Sharma, State President, Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha (Punjab)
  49. Sh. Bal Krishna Mittal, District Head BJP Gurdaspur (Punjab)
  50. Sh. Davinder Bajaj District President BJP, Ferozepur (Punjab)
  51. Sh. Raman Pabbi , BJP District President, Jalandhar (Punjab)
  52. Sh. Gurmeet Singh (Writer, Choreographer Punjabi Film Industry)
  53. Sh. Pankaj Joshi, PA Sunny Deol
  54. Sh. Rajnish Dhiman, Vice-Presiden BJP, Ludhiana (Punjab)
  55. Sh. Madan Bassi, MD Suraj Udyog, Ludhiana (Punjab)
  56. Sh. Prithi Bassi, Moon Light Pvt. Ltd. Ludhiana (Punjab)
  57. Sh. M. L. Bansal, MD Biomaxter, Ludhiana (Punjab)


It has been said beautifully that “Consistency is the pledge of success.” When someone pledges to maintain the persistency, the collective energy of the efforts gives him enough power to continue it successfully. However, the determination is a tough trait to develop; one must continuously challenge the unsteady mind to follow Guru’s commandments. If the cultivation of heart-felt devotion to the Absolute is neglected, no true transformation can occur and the way to liberation will be blocked. Practices of devotion function to provide the seeker with an immediate vision of the Divine. It gives spiritual momentum to get elevated to higher spiritual planes. Remember! Prayer is a key to heaven, but faith unlocks the door.

A Guru can catalyse an extraordinary achievement from ordinary people. He wants to extract the maximum best out of you to give it back to you for your own interest. Guru not only gives directions but also imparts wisdom along with his prudent guidance at every step and makes you carry out the task beyond your capacity and creativity. He encourages one and all and infuses in them the spirit to rise and he never feels insecure as he wants everyone to attain the supreme goal (i.e. God). Disciples have to cleanse and purify themselves, and make a perfectly faultless piece of marble, and placing himself under the expert guidance of his Master, allow to be carved out and chiseled into the image of God.

By the Grace of Gurudev, the program concluded successfully with group meditation for World Peace. The devotees were filled with determination, piety, and total dedication. With their firm resolve, they vowed to transform the world into the direction of divinity where peace, brotherhood and compassion flow without intermission.

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